sheri chiu


A brief encounter with the femme fatale (NSFW)

For as straightforward and unprejudiced as it is, Nicolas Guerin‘s photography work sure feels like an unending story unraveling the pure wonder that is art, the kind of art that doesn’t stand guard against stirring emotions but awakens them, builds them up and sets them free, for us to find, for them to find us. Meeting his vision halfway is creative director Sheri Chiu, the…
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In her room, in his hands (NSFW)

We’re no strangers to Sheri Chiu‘s striking beauty, to her poetic features that paint the world in unthinkable colours, to the delicate art of her being perfectly soft, yet unapologetically raw in front of the camera. She does BDSM with impossible grace, slipping into her role with utter conviction, playing up the desire, surrendering herself to lust, each scenario an opportunity to do it all…
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Enraptured silence, blissful solitude (NSFW)

Out of the many renderings nudity gets, its poetic translation is perhaps the most difficult to bring about and convey. Difficult because imagining something utterly sexual being veiled by an actual aura of softness doesn’t come easy. But when it does materialize in front of your eyes, you ought to instantly recognize its dreamlike quality, even when it’s born straight out of a raw sensuality,…
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A prisoner of the senses under the warm, golden light (NSFW)

What’s to be expected when need meets art, when a beautiful naked body meets the warm, golden day light, when something as genuine as the unadulterated expression of desire meets the eye of the camera? A little bit of magic is subsequent to all these idealized elements, each pure, in no need to be censored or disguised as something entirely else, reflecting bits of a…
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Nude and tattooed: floral skin as fashion

Paris-based photographer Pauline Darley is a little bit fearless when it comes to subject matter. Her latest shoot centers on nudity, tattoo art and heels – with little but a pair of high-waisted bloomers, an intricately beaded jacket, and a cupless corset making up at the fashion component, as styled by Charlotte Laplace. That’s no criticism by the way – between the flawless figure of…
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