Hashtag SEXY: the selfie goes high fashion

Whether you’re an instagram addict, or you love to get lost between the pages of a good book instead, having little to do with social media, a selfie must still strike you as a highly-familiar term. The Oxford dictionary has named it their Word of the Year for 2013, Karlie Kloss and Candice Swanepoel seemed eager to teach you how to take selfies like a supermodel,…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

10 breathtaking dresses from the New York runways

The spring 2014 fashion season presents many a sporty, minimal outfit. But from all the big four fashion weeks, there was still room for evening gowns that exist to steal breaths and turn heads. New York brought lace and embellishments as well as understated gowns in immaculate cuts. We couldn’t help but admire them. In no particular order, here are 10 of the most beautiful,…

Behind closed doors of a middleclass life

The fashion of the 1960s has an unbelievable way to adapt and suit itself into all walks of life and narrative. This sex kitten inspiration brings to life all the naughty and nice elements that lie within the female capability. Stylist, Airdrie Makim, and photographer, Shamim De Varax create a underhanded narrative the reflects one side of playfulness and the other side of purity.
Desperate in Suburbia by Shamim De Varax
Desperate in Suburbia by Shamim De Varax
Desperate in Suburbia by Shamim De Varax
Desperate in Suburbia by Shamim De Varax
Desperate in Suburbia by Shamim De Varax
Desperate in Suburbia by Shamim De Varax
Desperate in Suburbia by Shamim De Varax
Desperate in Suburbia by Shamim De Varax

Rihanna is smokin’ for Schon

Smokin is the title of Rihanna‘s editorial for the 21st issue of Schön! Magazine, and – forgive my predictability in saying so – smokin she is. Styled by Mel Ottenberg into sporty mesh shorts and high-cut bikinis, she puts on her trademark bad girl persona for Zoe McConnell’s lens.

The Valentino braid on the street: off duty model gallery

Valentino’s side plait with headband shone with a kind of girlish innocence on the fashion house’s fall 2013 runway. It’s the kind of simple style that – hair length permitting – anyone can create. At the Tuileries after the show, models looks equally gorgeous sporting the style off the runway. You can see some of their off duty outfits – including the likes of Hanne…

Aigner Fall / Winter 2013

Aigner’s fall / winter 2013 collection was one of those that lulled you into thinking it was all safe shapes and modest cuts, and all the while the bold details and sexy points of differentiation were sneaking up on you until BAM: you were left looking at a plunging keyhole or entirely backless gown wondering if you were still watching the same show that started…

Ports 1961 Fall / Winter 2013

The younger segment of Ports 1961’s clientele might not be familiar with the iconic style of Lee Radziwill. But perhaps after Fiona Cibani’s fall 2013 ode to the socialite and less globally-known Bouvier sister, they will. In channeling the “class, courage and composure” of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ younger sister, Cibani’s Milan fashion week (MFW) runway became a procession of ladylike silhouettes and muted tones occasionally…

The finale at Francesco Scognamiglio

Just when we thought Francesco Scognamiglio’s sheer closing numbers couldn’t get any more breathtaking, the lights dimmed during the closing walk and it happened. The Australian contingent making up the show’s finale – Catherine McNeil followed by Julia Nobis – were lit up by a soft and ethereal glow as they rounded the last corner. Scognamiglio’s appliquéd lace gowns shone around their lithe silhouettes making…