The ultimate accessory gift guide for every type of girl

Accessories for every type of girl. The ultimate Christmas list should consist of gifts for every special woman in your life, and shopping for them it’s easiest when you know exactly what they’re into. We’ve all got the eternal party girl, the minimalist chic or the feminine tomboy amongst out list of friends and finding the perfect gift for each and every one of them…

15 of the best accessories a guy needs for the holiday season

To be a courteous host to friends, and an equally thoughtful guest to the seasonal parties and family lunches ready to fill the upcoming month’s schedule, are two of the main aspects describing the perfect gentleman attitude during the holidays. The rest lies in the details: a classic silver tie clip, a neatly folded pocket square, an elegant fragrance that isn’t too over-powering, perhaps a…

Get the look: autumn boho

The leaves start to fall, the breezes start to turn a little colder, and suddenly leaving the house seems a little less inviting. But don’t feel disheartened: there are plenty of reasons to get excited about autumn, and here’s one of them. Boho. In 2014 it comes down to a look that’s polished and luxurious as well as free spirited. Pile on the jewellery, pull…

She believes in silver linings

Maybe it’s because she appears to have been traveling all across the universe, sporting visible marks that speak aloud about another kind of reality, or perhaps it’s because she appears to belong to another dimension all together, but something about Melissa Tan’s silver-stained beauty screams otherworldly, and in more ways than the obvious. Being photographed in timeless black and white by JC adds to the…
Silver Lining by JC
Silver Lining by JC
Silver Lining by JC
Silver Lining by JC
Silver Lining by JC
Silver Lining by JC
Silver Lining by JC
Silver Lining by JC

Gothic makeup: how to rock it for fall 2014

The Gothic beauty trend that emerged on the fall 2014 runways feels like an open invitation to take on what is a beautiful fantasy and make it work within the realms of reality. Dark and dramatic, seductive and mysterious, sexy and unconventional, the sweetly feminine beauty look hiding an eerie edge can be made to complement countless characters with something as a simple as a…

10 ultra-sexy dresses from the London runways

Modern, fastidious, cool, sometimes glamorous, other times utter feminine, this is how London Fashion Week (LFW) spring / summer 2015 understood the new play upon sensuality. Super-short silhouettes, fitted frocks and diaphanous layers alike prevailed on the runways, the looks modernized by the way of splendid cut-outs and marvelous peekaboo fabrications. Leaving all signs of demureness aside, here are 10 ultra-sexy dresses that best describe…

The coolest neo-bohemian jewellery to indulge in this fall

Having a new season upon us serves as the best excuse to start upgrading your accessory collection with some bold, bohemian, on-trend jewellery pieces that promise to round off your autumnal outfits in the most pertinent and extraordinary way possible. Cuffs, handpieces, chokers, stacking rings, they all speak about the beauty of heritage, melting past into present, and craftsmanship into unique designs. After the break,…

How to: Donna Karan’s punky and futuristic make-up look

Punky and futuristic, but coming to sight incredibly fresh and modern, this was the unconventional makeup look created by Charlotte Tilbury and inspired by the city of New York, seen sharpening the structural silhouettes at Donna Karan’s fall / winter 2014 presentation. Charcoal lids coated with metallic creams and light layers of gloss, were paired to a radiant complexion and the softest lips for a…