Cintia Dicker is your next James Bond girl

Regardless of whether there’s a new Bond film on the horizon or not, the appeal of the ’60s bombshell Bond Girl simply never dies. When there is a new instalment due to hit screens we simply have a good excuse to revisit the nostalgia of the 1960s spy genre with even more fervour than usual. Enter the new campaign from Wildfox Swim, brilliantly timed to…

Mayhem at a femme fatale’s hand

It’s basically a law of the cinematic world: the dangerous female spy/villain/superhero uses her sex appeal to get ahead. The men usually fall for it, like deer in the headlights; in many ways the woman’s beauty is her deadliest weapon, giving her superiority where physical strength falls short. Of course, whether she ultimately succeeds or fails depends on whether she’s the main protagonist of the…

Why James Bond wouldn’t smell like James Bond

Few films or film series have had as much impact upon men’s fashion as James Bond. Luxury, quality goods are ingrained in the film franchise courtesy of author Ian Fleming’s penchant for the finer things in life. And while we’ve all come to accept the fact that modern Bond films are just as much about product placement as they are about action and adventure, there…

5 movie-inspired makeup tutorials to try this week

If you’re an avid movie-goer then you might have already ventured to the cinema to see Spiderman or Snow White and the Huntsman; all the while biting your nails in anticipation of the forthcoming James Bond: Skyfall, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Great Gatsby. But we’re not looking at costume-makeup in this week’s beauty video round-up; we’re looking at the wearable looks of the…

Today’s Bondspiration by Empire

It’s not often that we’ll share a cover from a non-fashion magazine but Empire’s latest issue has piqued our interest. That’s because there are just a few things we all love here at and those things include both James Bond and Tom Ford, and with Skyfall just around the corner we’re sure there will be plenty more bondspiration to follow.