Nadya Khekalo brings the heat to Delicious Body’s Winter campaign

Even in the midst of winter, when the mercury drops and all you want to do is wrap yourself in the snuggest of layers, lingerie is the one thing that should remain featherweight and smoking hot. A sultry Nadya Khekalo proves the point and brings the heat to Delicious Body’s Winter 2016 campaign, modelling the perfect underpins in a luxurious setting complete with subtle Christmas…
Delicious Body Winter 2016 Ad Campaign
Delicious Body Winter 2016 Ad Campaign
Delicious Body Winter 2016 Ad Campaign
Delicious Body Winter 2016 Ad Campaign
Delicious Body Winter 2016 Ad Campaign
Delicious Body Winter 2016 Ad Campaign
Delicious Body Winter 2016 Ad Campaign
Delicious Body Winter 2016 Ad Campaign

Ultimate fitspo: 8 super-fit models to follow on Instagram

Much more than pretty faces blessed with naturally toned abs and lean, long legs, our favorite supermodels know that behind a flawless physique lies discipline, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. And since looking good is part of their job, who better to inspire you to finally get your body sweating rather than these stunning beauties? Motivational quotes, post-gym selfies, exercise routines and neat silhouettes,…

A divine creature you’ll want to see more of: Signe Rasmussen in Bambi

You may search desperately for some imperfection in the German-born being that is Signe Rasmussen, but – in Enric Galceran’s latest shoot, at least – you’re unlikely to find it. Rasmussen’s gorgeousness extends from her cerulean eyes to her covetable proportions, even to the simple act of smoking a cigarette or staring – expression soft and innocent, contrary to her near-nakedness – into the camera.…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

A female Fonz lights up in New York

I don’t remember when this was taken: only that I took it on a summer’s day in New York. Sometimes photos of cool women lighting up cigarettes while balancing a jacket over their shoulders just get lost in your archive. And then you stumble back across them and a thought flits across your mind that, what with all that shiny black skirt and classic white…

The gentleman’s white pant: Fabrizio Oriani

White pants are a gentleman’s look for summer – but one not every guy is game to try. Rest assured they are not that difficult to pull off; and the options for styling them are many. In Milan, Fabrizio Oriani wore a crisp pair of white pants, rolled up at the ankle, with a red checkered blazer and black loafers.

The striped blazer: Fabrizio Oriani

One piece, multiple ways of wearing: Fabrizio Oriani wore white pants matched with checks on one day of Milan men’s fashion week, and then mixed it up with a striped blazer on another. If you thought white pants for men weren’t all that versatile, think again.

Unknown boy in a haze of smoke, Paris

Have I mentioned that I love taking photographs of boys smoking? Probably… possibly even repeatedly. Come to think of it there’s Luuk smoking, Benjamin smoking, Jimmy Q smoking, Greg smoking and many others. Sadly I have no idea who this casually handsome male is, so we’ll have to file it under “boy crossing a road in Paris, smoking” or some such anonymous title.