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Guess-girl flawless and about to blow you away

The ultimate Guess girl is seriously sexy and impossibly gorgeous, classic but in a totally sultry way, seductive but always playing it out of reach. To all that, Sarah Nicole Harvey adds the wild, racy card, spicing things up and turning the atmosphere extra-hot just as she epitomizes the iconic look for Satiety Paper, having Stefano Brunesci behind lens ready to put his own spin…
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Wrapped in splendor, bare to the bone (NSFW)

Reveling in the magic of unadulterated beauty, Stefano Brunesci sure loves for his photographs to speak unconstrained, for them to uncover every little speck of skin, to expose the dream by taking it far and beyond: no limits, no boundaries, pure lure. Never one to lack the substance, nor the sensibility, his work is wrapped in brilliance, just like Chris is wrapped in splendor, even…
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12 most devastatingly sexy photoshoots of 2014 (NSFW)

Top 12 sexy fashion shoots of 2014. Softness, sensuality, irrefutable sex-appeal; clothes melting into thin air giving way to flawless skin, provocative poses and the best kind of beauty to be put on display. In 2014 we have continued to feature the pure, unadulterated sexy, blurring the lines between nudity and fashion, between fashion and art, all while celebrating the sexuality of the female body.…

Best of October: 6 ultra-hot fashion photos

Less clothing, more skin and a whole lot of sensuality turned the month of October into an incredibly hot one, despite the increasing cold outside. From burning temptation photographed in black and white, to blonde haired nymphs, and living serpents laid against bare bodies, this month wasn’t short of stunningly sexy editorials. Below: 6 hotter-than-hot fashion photos from the month of October. Click through for…

Two girls dancing to the rhythm of temptation (NSFW)

Dangerous chemistry, unapologetic sex-appeal, unadulterated emotions and a passionate dance that follows along the rhythm of temptation. Photographed in glamorous black and white by Stefano Brunesci, everything appears to connect in painting the bare portrait of seduction, the raw, relentless kind made of forbidden touches, whispered hellos and heavy desires, all polished to perfection. Starring Cass, Elena and Slavena, you can expect every single frame…
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A dark sensuality takes over the city of love (NSFW)

When you hear the word Paris and your mind becomes replete with timeless romance, you don’t necessarily picture a dark room overlooking the streets of Montmartre, a room that’s shielding the presence of a mysterious woman who is as unapologetically sensual, as she is raw and beautiful; and you don’t imagine the sky turning inky-black, nor the stylish garments passing into flawless bare-skin. But once…
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This naked Goddess has awe-inspiring curves – and the brains to match

Having witnessed this video of Zoi Gorman posing nude we were already – quite rightly – in awe. Maybe even in love (but definitely in awe). Of Greek heritage, though raised in Scotland and now living in The Netherlands, Zoi manages to infuse every frame with a raw sensuality that’s matched by her impossible curves. And dare we mention she’s a fully qualified civil engineer…
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Awe-inspiring proportions: Zoi Gorman naked on film

Some girls just have those awe-inspiring proportions that seem to defy nature and gravity all at once. Emily Ratajkowski sure springs to mind – and it’s no wonder, given Zoi Gorman’s similar dark hair and jaw-dropping body. Stefano Brunesci ( brings us a film of Zoi posing playfully – and sensually – in black and white.

Absentminded intimacy laid against sweet solitude (NSFW)

Stefano Brunesci is already an expert in drawing out the raw essence of intimacy, only to gently enfold it in the thickest layer of unadulterated sensuality. His intimate portraits never lack substance, nor fragility, painting a private space within anything is possible. Even wandering away, absentmindedly, on a warm summer’s evening, leaving all signs of reality behind, before entering a a world built of whispers…
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Those quiet moments at dawn made sexy (NSFW)

Those quiet mornings spent unhurried at home – with the scent of the warm coffee slowly filling the emptiness of the rooms – gain an effortless sensuality under Stefano Brunesci‘s direction, to whom those few precious hours at dawn seem like the perfect time to get lost in a fantasy. With the hair rollers on, a shirt thrown over ever so casually, and a house…
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