Strappy cuts and sunsets: Suboo resort

Prints are always key to the Suboo brand – and the just-dropped Resort 2013 collection is no exception. Black and white animal print clings to the body in some sporty-cut pieces, or billows about it in others; abstracted digital florals in a wash of soft colours are the prime print suspect for the girl who wants something a little more feminine yet equally as modern.…

10 of the best looks from Miami Swim

Some things are fairly constant in the world of swimwear: string bikinis and kaftans and cover-ups. But swimwear trends evolve like all others, and there’s no better place to get a sense of what’ll be hot next summer than on the runways of Miami. There were covetable summer looks aplenty, but we’ve decided to single out just a few favourites. In no particular order, here…