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Bondage, the Japanese way

Japanese Bondage is an aesthetic art. Beyond its sexual connotations there’s a beauty in the symmetry of the knot-tying, the intricate patterns of the ropes, in the positions of the one being bound. It’s no wonder this art, known as Kinbaku or Shibari, has become a favourite for photographers looking to tap into something both erotic and visually beautiful. A match made in heaven, this…
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The modern reclining nude

The reclining nude is a recurrent theme in fine art, from Giorgione in the 16th century through to modernism. She traditionally sprawls, lounges, stretches or leans across a bed or couch, sometimes partially covered by a crumpled sheet, sometimes looking listless, sometimes sleepy, sometimes sensual. Stephane Coutelle’s photo series Reclining Nude, featuring Taryn Andreatta, takes the artistic concept into the present day – replacing oilpaints…
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The naked body as landscape

Perhaps it’s humans’ inherent tendency to view the world in our own image – to make sense of things in a way we can understand; but for all history we’ve been fascinated with the body as landscape. Norse creation myth tells of Odin killing the giant Ymir, then using his body to create the world. Ymir’s bones become the mountains, his blood the sea, his…
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The body model as muse

Taryn Andreatta has carved out a niche as a particular type of model. She’s the artist’s muse; the life model. She gives all, every inch of body, to the photographer’s lens. As nudity’s place in fashion takes a turn to the body-as-artform, there couldn’t be a better time for bold models like Taryn to become a centrepiece of artistic nude shoots. There’s a recognition to…
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Taryn Andreatta: The Offering

When photographers Mark Sink and Kristin Hatgi get together the result is fine art photography that harks back to another time. This shoot starring model Taryn Andreatta, in fact, is near undatable – it’s convincingly rough edged quality has you believe the shots were on glass plates, dug up from some dusty shoebox and only just brought to light. Taryn is the ideal subject for…
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Sunday sensuality: La Amante (video)

Taryn Andreatta is the kind of model who has the ability to flutter effortlessly between fashion and art. Here she stars in a video by Stephen J Bell that definitely focuses less on the former and more on the latter, bringing plenty of sensuality to her role as La Amante (The Lover). View the full (NSFW) video after the jump.
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Aphrodite in Love

Every season sees a hint of the exotic creeping into fashion, be it a Spanish infusion as we’ve just seen at Hermes, or the South American inspirations we’ve also been seeing. While the Middle East hasn’t been the strongest source of inspiration for Spring thus far, that’s nothing to stop us appreciating this shoot of Taryn Andreatta draped in magnificent pieces of vintage Middle Eastern…
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Love’s MODELGEDDON is coming

It seems that LOVE magazine is unable to take a wrong step. Their amazing third issue featured an homage to Helmut Newton that was not only a massive hit but also provided some
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Taryn dances

It’s a dynamic pairing that’s yielded some phenomenal results in the past… so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to feature another pictorial of Taryn Andreatta, as photographed by Akiss Paraskevopoulos. Taryn’s Lady Godiva-esque hair of epic length makes the movement captured by Akiss in this pole dancing-themed shoot all the more dramatic.
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The girl with doves and roses

She came to our attention as the girl in the Love magazine homage, but as I said the last time we saw Taryn Andreatta “a modelling career can’t be made out of homages alone.” And hers shan’t be. For your viewing pleasure Taryn graces Fashionising.com again, this time in a shoot by photographer Nectario Karolos Papazacharias.
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