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Urban Zorro: off duty in Paris

Someone once left me a comment on a photo of this outfit that simply said: Flyest. Zorro. Ever. It stuck with me because, it’s face it, that’s a pretty cool compliment. That’s the power of a black sombrero cordobés; a wide-brimmed, Spanish style hat. The one worn by this model has the creased crown of a fedora and a chain band that makes it feel…

Boho babe: Jani Gabriel at ModaLisboa

Portuguese model Jani Gabriel doesn’t need much in order to turn heads: just an easy denim smock-dress dripping in tassels, and a pair of nude suede thigh high boots, both from H&M. Together the ensemble carries a neo-bohemian charm that would make it equally perfect for music festivals as for fashion ones.

20 of the best: Paris street style

What constitutes a great street style look depends upon the occasion, the wearer, the weather… Sometimes it comes down to attitude or uniqueness or effortless elegance. From boyish culottes and ripped boyfriend jeans to polished tailored jacket and thigh high boots, Paris – as always – had plenty to offer. At the gallery, in no particular order, 20 of the strongest looks spotted on the…

Florals + thigh highs: Jessica Stein in New York

I took a bunch of posed shots of Jess Stein in New York on this day in spring – who wouldn’t, with that defiant combination of vibrant indigo floral dress and over-the-knee boots? But it was this unposed moment that came out best, as it often is when someone is relaxed, off guard, and smiling. Winning combinations all over.

One black, one white: boots to make heads turn

There’s something just so Chanel about block black and white, and these thigh-high boots just seemed perfectly fitting of the Chanel couture show as a result. Paired with a black and white skirt, black sweater and creamy winter coat, this outfit was always going to make heads turn despite its lack of colour.

Miroslava Duma in winter thigh-highs

Is anyone tired of thigh high boots yet? Not I. Not Miroslava Duma. Truth is, they’re a stylish and practical way to get through winter, allowing you to get wear out of your wardrobe’s piles of skirts and dresses without your legs snapping off from the cold. Mira’s look during the couture Paris fashion week shows consisted of her staple black suede thigh-highs and an…

The dress that dances: Jessica Choay

Pretty in photos but impossibly gorgeous in reality, Jessica Choay‘s dresses have a life of their own. Like this ruby red one I wore during Paris fashion week, made from shifting panels of the softest silk. You don’t wear it, it floats around your body. It doesn’t just move, it dances. The other spectacular thing about pieces of such beautiful quality is that they don’t…

20 of the best street style looks from New York

Preppy, minimalist, sporty, cool… as every city and every fashion week offers up something different in the way of street style, so New York offers up these things. Encapsulating a love of thigh high boots, crop tops, and prints – from vibrant florals to classic plaids – is our gallery of 20 of the best looks from New York that you can take inspiration from.

15 of the coolest street style looks from London

Every city has its own style, and London is well known for being edgier, grungier, and more eclectic. The street style looks you see during London fashion week may not have the polish of those from Milan or Paris but they have a cool factor of their own. From the spring 2014 shows a few key trends dominated: thigh high boots, plaid, cropped sweaters, and…

What’s the word for physically-superior topless sun-bathed Goddess?

Finding words that do justice to models like Joyce Verheyen is the hardest part of my job, on a good day. Physically superior comes close, but at the same time seems unfair to the rest of us who don’t have Goddess breasts, feline eyes, and delicate small noses smattered with an even more delicate sprinkling of freckles. “Beautiful” captures some of it, but not all,…
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