Pretty pastels, the sixties way

Pretty pastels and dainty mod silhouettes, easy bouffants and mesmerizing Twiggy-lashes, girly accents and a whole lot of beauty: photographed by Natasja Noordervliet, the super-gorgeous Mirthe takes us back to the 1960s, reminding us once again why and just how much we adore the dreamy decade. Danielle Van Donselaar’s chic and youthful styling is one that can be effortlessly transitioned into real life, the pastel…
Sixties Girl
Sixties Girl
Sixties Girl
Sixties Girl
Sixties Girl
Sixties Girl
Sixties Girl

5 lace party dresses to rock during the holidays

Nothing like a sexy, darling, feminine lace dress to ease into holiday season. Whether fitted or flared, in black or nude, this type of party silhouette makes dressing for special occasions feel both effortless and exciting. Team your favorite lace frock with sky-high heels and glamorous curls, and get ready to own the night. Here are 5 lace party dresses to rock during holidays.

5 skinny scarves you can wear both day and night

Whether you seek to build up the cool factor of your favorite everyday outfits, or to reinforce a night look through a simple, yet statement-making on-trend accessory, trust a skinny scarf to serve you right all season long. We’re talking silky, lacy or velvety pieces adorned with fringes, embroideries or sequins, that promise an effortless transition in between day and night. Here are 5 picks.

25 awesome accessories to gift this Christmas

If you’ve got winter on your mind, you’ve definitely got Christmas on your mind, and if you’re thinking about Christmas you’re not doing it properly if you’re not currently working on a wish list, one to be filled with all kinds of pretty things for you, and more pretty things to gift to all of the stylish ladies in your life. We’re thinking luxe on…

7 ways to weatherproof your winter style

The cold season is all fun and games as long as the temperatures are nice enough to invite the use of just a few extra layers, and life is just about as good when your only concern in the morning is to grab the coziest piece of outerwear. But dreary weather is also part of the scenario, rain, snow and wind included. Instead of allowing…

12 lace-up tops to get into your wardrobe now

It’s the quintessential ’70s-inspired wardrobe staple, bearing the retro influences at its core but looking like something the street-style darlings would wear today. Maybe because they actually do. Body-hugging or airy and loose, solid or printed but always made whole with the pretty lace-up detailing, this is the top to rock this fall. To be paired to flare jeans and sexy minis, to be layered…

The 7 key shoe styles to shop right now

The 7 key shoe styles to shop right now. Dainty flats to super-high boots, fur accents to embellished heels, mannish shoes to edgy booties, there’s no shortage of statement footwear when it comes to rounding off the current season’s list of must-have accessories. The hottest shoe styles for fall / winter 2015 are finally ready to hit the streets. Time to pick out your favorites…

9 blanket ponchos to keep you warm this autumn

It’s a tough job leaving the comfort of a warm house behind when outside the temperatures begin to drop marking the inevitable installment of the fall. More snug than a coat, and allowing you to take some of that homey coziness with you on-the-go, a blanket poncho is this season’s answer to cold-weather dressing. Below, the 9 blanket ponchos to keep you warm this autumn…