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Lingerie, flowers & feminine beauty: Midnight Garden

Here’s something I’ve observed while walking down the street: carry a bunch of flowers and you’ll receive infinite amounts of attention from male passersby. Why? Aside from making one look desirable, I can only theorise that the beauty of the flowers somehow compounds the beauty of any woman in their vicinity. In carrying a delicate rose, you become a delicate rose. The same is true…
Midnight Garden by Antony Nobilo
Midnight Garden by Antony Nobilo
Midnight Garden by Antony Nobilo
Midnight Garden by Antony Nobilo
Midnight Garden by Antony Nobilo
Midnight Garden by Antony Nobilo

5 ridiculously sexy videos to watch this weekend (NSFW)

Sexiness can take on many forms: it can be playful or genuine, loud or poetic, it can be straightforward or subtle, but no matter what defines it, in the end its impact is roughly the same. Even more captivating if possible, when high sensuality enters fashion territory things are bound to get on the provocative side. Set somewhere between art and fantasy, these 5 ultra-sexy fashion films promise to enrapture you.

10 most mind-blowingly sexy photoshoots of 2013 (NSFW)

2013 in review: 10 hotter-than-hot fashion shoots. We could just direct you to anything Edita Vilkeviciute did this year or anything Emily Ratajkowski did ever, but that wouldn’t be very challenging for us, or provide much variety to you. The bucketloads of pure sexy that we’ve featured in 2013 have given continued weight to the relationship between clothing and skin, between fashion and sensuality. There’s…

Emily Ratajkowski beyond Blurred Lines: 10 best moments from a meteoric rise

To all the fans of this summer’s hit song “Blurred Lines”, Emily Ratajkowski is the doe-eyed brunette seen cuddling in bed with Robin Thicke. Although her modeling career began way ahead of 2013, it was her sexy yet utterly endearing appearance in the “Blurred Lines” video that helped Emily finally establish a name in the industry. Easily called one of the top 10 models of…

Robin Thicke poses with naked babes – again

Everyone knows Robin Thicke as that guy who was lucky enough to have Emily Ratajkowski dancing around topless in his filmclip. Or maybe they also know him for his music, but whatever… It seems starring alongside naked babes is his forte, with the new issue of Treats! Magazine putting him at the center of a bevvy of them. See the uncensored version after the break.

Body parts & jewels: Lauren Brown for Treats

Finding the balance between fashion and sex isn’t always the mission of Treats! Magazine (sometimes, let’s face it, the former overpowers the latter – not to say it’s for the worse). Kesler Tran’s latest contribution of Australian model Lauren Brown does hit upon the balance though, with plenty of bare skin and long legs in thigh high boots providing one distraction while glam-punk accessories like…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

5 fashion films to watch this weekend

In this week’s video round-up: a preview of the forthcoming 14th issue of Bambi Magazine, in which Sarah Stephens oozes the kind of sensual glamour that’s put her at the forefront of campaigns like Myla lingerie and Agent Provocateur; Natasha Poly does what she does best (being Natasha Poly) in black and white; Edie Campbell talks about nightmares and Greta Bellamacina reads a poem that…

Hollie Witchey a retro babe for Treats

Marianna Rothen’s trademark aesthetic is formed around the kind of vintagey goodness that time travels you to another era. And since her shoot for issue 5 of Treats! Magazine happens to be taking us on a nostalgic magic carpet ride to the 1960s (nostalgic, even if for something we perhaps didn’t live through) that makes it perfect for right now. After all, ’60s hairstyles are…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Sexy overload: 5 ultra-hot videos to watch this weekend

When GQ Spain enlisted Alvaro de la Herrán to direct a video based on Fifty Shades of Grey, surely not even they could have anticipated something so brazenly erotic and yet so softly filmed. “It’s clear to me,” says Herrán, “that in a contemporary sexual relationship a kiss hides more than a tongue.” Alexander Tikhomirov shoots beautiful bodies where tribal jewellery and tattoos are the…

Bare skin & denim: Cisco by David Bellemere

Some shoots are about styling and creative concepts and storytelling; some are purely about the connection between photographer and model, artist and muse. With Treats! magazine being more inclined towards nudity than perhaps most magazines, those pure portraits are often the kind where the model is stripped bare to her most raw and sensual self. This shoot of model Cisco Tschurtschenthaler, by Treats! regular David…
NSFW Photo gallery included.