Body parts & jewels: Lauren Brown for Treats

Finding the balance between fashion and sex isn’t always the mission of Treats! Magazine (sometimes, let’s face it, the former overpowers the latter – not to say it’s for the worse). Kesler Tran’s latest contribution of Australian model Lauren Brown does hit upon the balance though, with plenty of bare skin and long legs in thigh high boots providing one distraction while glam-punk accessories like…
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5 fashion films to watch this weekend

In this week’s video round-up: a preview of the forthcoming 14th issue of Bambi Magazine, in which Sarah Stephens oozes the kind of sensual glamour that’s put her at the forefront of campaigns like Myla lingerie and Agent Provocateur; Natasha Poly does what she does best (being Natasha Poly) in black and white; Edie Campbell talks about nightmares and Greta Bellamacina reads a poem that…

Hollie Witchey a retro babe for Treats

Marianna Rothen’s trademark aesthetic is formed around the kind of vintagey goodness that time travels you to another era. And since her shoot for issue 5 of Treats! Magazine happens to be taking us on a nostalgic magic carpet ride to the 1960s (nostalgic, even if for something we perhaps didn’t live through) that makes it perfect for right now. After all, ’60s hairstyles are…
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Sexy overload: 5 ultra-hot videos to watch this weekend

When GQ Spain enlisted Alvaro de la Herrán to direct a video based on Fifty Shades of Grey, surely not even they could have anticipated something so brazenly erotic and yet so softly filmed. “It’s clear to me,” says Herrán, “that in a contemporary sexual relationship a kiss hides more than a tongue.” Alexander Tikhomirov shoots beautiful bodies where tribal jewellery and tattoos are the…

Bare skin & denim: Cisco by David Bellemere

Some shoots are about styling and creative concepts and storytelling; some are purely about the connection between photographer and model, artist and muse. With Treats! magazine being more inclined towards nudity than perhaps most magazines, those pure portraits are often the kind where the model is stripped bare to her most raw and sensual self. This shoot of model Cisco Tschurtschenthaler, by Treats! regular David…
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Slick and sporty goes sexy

Sex appeal – much like beauty – comes in an infinite variety of forms. If you needed proof of that fact or wanted to explore the matter further (a less-than-tedious homework assignment if ever there was one) you’d need only pick up an issue of Treats! which is as much about celebrating and exploring all things sexy as it is about fashion, or photography, or…
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Brett Ratner’s unapologetically sexy Treats shoot: the video

Remember Brett Ratner’s fashion photography debut in Treats! Magazine? If you like your shoots sun-drenched and unapologetically sexy, then odds are you’d have a hard time forgetting it. This film gives a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot, featuring a little bit of the styling and makeup and a lot of model Amanda Pizziconi looking generally stunning. Watch it after the break.
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Sensual summer: Brett Ratner debuts photography in Treats

It’s a well-worn path from photographer to film director, but Brett Ratner is doing things the unconventional way. Best known for directing blockbusters like X-Men: The Last Stand and the Rush Hour franchise, not to mention producing the likes of Horrible Bosses, Ratner recently stepped into a different role by shooting his first ever published pictorial: a sensual nude shoot for Treats! Magazine. As is…
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Beauty in the boldly erotic: David Bellemere for Treats

David Bellemere has cultivated a photography style that revels openly in the sensual and eroticised. These light-dappled images from the latest issue of Treats! Magazine are representative of his trademark style: the kind of shots that juxtapose architecture and nature and the female body. They draw wantonly from the archives of erotic image cliches – model Anthea in nothing but tennis shoes holding a racquet,…
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