Treats’ water girls: weekend watch

Enviably gorgeous girls in nothing but bikini bottoms, frolicking around a farmyard and immersing themselves in rustic tin baths. We’d be lying if we said the concept was a new one, but with Treats! Magazine it never matters. One of the things Treats! does best is taking those familiar scenarios and giving them new life, partly tugging at you with a nostalgic view of erotica…

Nico Tortorella for Treats! Magazine

You may not know him yet, says Treats! Magazine – “but you will soon.” The ‘him’ in question is Nico Tortorella, the star of one of Treats’ shoots from their fall 2012 issue. Tortorella is about to hit TV screens in the Kevin Bacon-lead drama The Following but the Treats editorial is all about his love of shopping. Christian Rios shoots Tortorella in the comfort…
Nico Tortorella by Christian Rios for Treats! Magazine
Nico Tortorella by Christian Rios for Treats! Magazine
Nico Tortorella by Christian Rios for Treats! Magazine
Nico Tortorella by Christian Rios for Treats! Magazine
Nico Tortorella by Christian Rios for Treats! Magazine

Alyona Subbotina masked and harnessed for Treats

Leather harnesses have been a surprise stayer as far as accessories go. Who’d have thought this fetish-infused piece could find such continued mainstream appeal? But if you’re looking for inspiration on how to style one with clothing, move right along, because this is not the place. This is one of those shoots that takes straps and masks and harnesses and pairs them with the naked…
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Sessilee Lopez in Treats! Magazine

Treats! Magazine‘s aesthetic is one that needs no introduction. It’s one where nudity and sensuality are inextricably tied to fashion, where style begins with the body, where the concept of the erotic gets reinvented time and again. Heralding in the release of Treats!’ fourth issue is another of those shoots featuring unabashed nudity celebrating the body as a thing of beauty. Sessilee Lopez is fiercely…
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5 makeup tutorial videos from Treats

We know Treats! as a quarterly dose of tasteful erotica, a return to something more than raw nudity yet an open and transparent celebration of sex and skin. In that regard it’s a reflection of the times. But what of the work that goes into the beauty aspect behind the scenes? The shortage (or complete absence) of clothing surely doesn’t mean beauty goes neglected. Treats!…

Girls only at the Treats summer house: weekend watch

If you don’t mind the retro-erotica cliche of three girls frolicking and basking in the sun at a summer holiday house, replete with Sapphic overtones, you’ll surely enjoy Joe Wehner’s execution of this video for Treats! magazine. The bodies are enviable, the natural light dreamy, and the styling of floating sheer babydolls and high waisted knickers well suited to the vintage mood.

Ink on bare skin in Treats: weekend watch

Treats! are constantly revisiting ways to make nudity and sensuality fresh. This time, in a video starring May Lindstrom, it’s just au nautral beauty and ink on bare skin. And proof that everything is sweeter to a soundtrack of Francoise Hardy. Lindstrom’s feature is also accompanied by an interview in which she talks about her skincare line, kisses and barefeet and Lara Stone having perfect…

Treats have a swingers key party

Stephanie Vovas’ shoot for issue 3 of Treats! doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a linear story about a swingers key party. Treats is, after all, a magazine that celebrates pleasure for pleasure’s sake with its tasteful nudity and often rather erotic content. Diora’s Key comes with the none-too-cryptic description attached: “They came, they played, they frolicked & a good time was had by…
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These dark Satanic things

On’s Pinterest account we have a board titled Fashion Photography As Art. It’s there because I believe that two types of photo shoots dominate the fashion pictorial landscape: the literal and the artistic. There is blur between them, but I separate the two by what they’re attempting to communicate – literal photo shoots impart styling advice, artistic photo shoots impart a feeling. And impart…
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Emily Ratajkowski for Treats: weekend watch

Every so often a model comes along with a body so impossible it defies reality, and you can’t help but marvel. This is one of those times, Emily Ratajkowski’s proportions making her the ideal candidate for one of Treats! magazine’s sensual nude shoots. The magazine has released two behind the scenes videos of the shoot with photographer Steve Shaw, which you can view after the…