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How to wear men’s short shorts this spring

Summertime calls for the liberating experience of wearing shorts and the men’s spring 2014 fashion trends call for shorter styles perhaps as a natural response to the rising temperatures. What started off as a subtle movement in Paris two or three seasons ago, morphed into a proper trend as more and more gentlemen dared express their preference for the short shorts over the past years.…

How to: the pretty punk look at Duvenage

We’ve always had this certain image of punk – tough, a bit unkempt and sometime androgynous. Duvenage together with MAC cosmetics presented a different type of punk for their spring / summer 2014 beauty look at Australian fashion week (MBFWA). This type of punk is pretty with big emphasized eyes and luminous skin. Girly with an edge, this look is surely worth trying and we’ve…

5 low bun hairstyles to try this weekend: video roundup

The low bun is somewhat of an evergreen style, made relevant amongst the spring 2014 hair trends by its effortlessly feminine feel, adorned here and there with a few smart, modern twists. The low bun looks equally beautiful with a cozy, oversized knit, or a plunging little black dress, which kind of makes it the perfect style to master for a long weekend. You can…

9 of the best sporty bombers for spring

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as indulging in a little sporty fashion as the spring / summer 2014 fashion trends really roll around. Comfortable, chic, cool and light, the sporty bomber is one element of the trend that will easily become every cool girl’s wardrobe staple. Options abound in everything from delicate sheer organza to micro-mesh, embroidery to bold prints. Here are 9 top picks…

5 pairs of cowboy boots that are hot right now

Cowgirl style is many things, among them carefree and a little bit wild. With cowboy boots having become such a ubiquitous piece of footwear back in the Sienna Miller-brand boho days of yore, it’s only natural that their return brings a more modern evolution. As far as the spring 2014 fashion trend goes, look for embroideries, buckle details, and slightly non-traditional shapes.

A tribute to pure, unadulterated glamour

In a visual encomium to pure glamour, you need more than a little polish and just a little less than too much perfection. By that I mean your model – ideally proportioned, desirably sultry, dripping in just enough diamonds – should still feel like a woman and not a doll. Roxana is woman. Antonio Barrella’s black and white shoot for Bambi Magazine nets in luxury’s…
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A hint of skin, a touch of leather and one hot babe

There are many types of raw sexuality being successfully explored in today’s undisguised take on fashion, some coming to sight plain irresistible, others playing the innocence card; but there are few to actually hit hard and all at once, like an ocean wave hurled around in a storm. The kind of sex-appeal that is born straight out of a devil-may-care attitude, the kind that comes…
The Motorcycle Diaries by Peter Soulis
The Motorcycle Diaries by Peter Soulis
The Motorcycle Diaries by Peter Soulis
The Motorcycle Diaries by Peter Soulis
The Motorcycle Diaries by Peter Soulis
The Motorcycle Diaries by Peter Soulis
The Motorcycle Diaries by Peter Soulis
The Motorcycle Diaries by Peter Soulis

Cool girl style: slouchy pants + sneakers

When speaking of cool, masculine tailoring for women, it’s near impossible not to mention the ubiquitous slouchy pants that have come to typify the look. Their beauty isn’t just in coolness but in comfort: they’re the perfect accompaniment to this year’s sneaker obsession.

RMIT hoodies are cooler than you think

We’ve all seen those Harvard or Oxford sweaters, but here’s one you probably won’t recognise unless you’re from Melbourne. Julia Nobis did off duty model chic in jeans, a parker, RMIT University hoodie and beanie during Paris fashion week this week.