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The perfect slip: Patricia Manfield

Here’s a reality that may or may not be unfortunate, depending on your point of view (and your figure type). The delicate, bias-cut, silky slip dress is ethereally phenomenal on the right frame. Yes, it looks best when it skims hip bones and dips across serrated shoulder blades, and for those of us not blessed with those things we just have to accept that it…

How to match your watch to your suit

It is the most worn accessory piece by men, but despite that, a watch should still come across as a testimony of style, and nothing like a timeless design to further emphasize this statement. When it comes to watches and suits, some things are clear cut and obvious, like the fact that a dress watch is supposed to be small, discreet, elegant. Other actions instead,…

5 DIY face masks for dry skin using only natural ingredients

Every type of skin comes with its own share of problems. Those of you familiar with the discomfort dry skin causes are also aware of its tendency to flake easily, of its loss of radiance and overall unhealthy appearance. The homemade facial masks using nothing but natural ingredients from your kitchen are the best way to add moisture and a fresh-looking glow to your dry…

Bordelle in the boudoir for Bambi

Bordelle’s strappy bodices work more tirelessly than any other lingerie under the sun. Not only do they hold things up and push things in and tie the whole package up with a satin bow, they also take a starring role in many an erotically-charged editorial, and all this without complaint. Stylist Fourence Abelin uses these types of pieces liberally in a shoot by Yves Kortum…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

10 of the best bras to deliberately show off

A little bit sexy, a little bit sweet, the peek-a-boo play of the season invites you to put forward your best bra and to deliberately show it off during the hot, hot days. Layered underneath a sheer top, an unbuttoned shirt or a sporty tank, the visible bra gains sophistication this summer when cut in delicate lace, and featuring nothing but interesting cuts. Pick your…

8 of the best bright nail polishes for summer

During summer is when an outfit, no matter how perfectly put together, just doesn’t feel complete without a bright nail polish used to both highlight its attitude, and serve as the ultimate accessory. In between vivid lavender, luminous lemon, sea green and bright neon orange, there are plenty of pretty, beach-worthy shades for every woman to rock as part of her summer 2014 beauty routine.…

9 of the best fringed dresses for summer

Cut short, or long-length, coloured wonderful and responsible for creating dramatic movement, this season’s fringing trend is anything but lifeless. Seek it on feather-weight fabrics and slim-fit silhouettes, adopt it in subtle detailing, or completely surrender yourself to its irresistible appeal. Whatever you end up choosing, rest assured it won’t pass unnoticed.  After the break, 9 of the best fringed dresses to invest in this…

What to wear to: a summer picnic

A delicious outdoor lunch date, an afternoon getaway with your best friends, a few hours meant to be spent all by yourself, sipping a cold lemonade and enjoying a good book; a summer picnic offers you the perfect excuse to check off all of the above activities from your seasonal to-do list. Leaving the great food and tasty pastries aside, think in terms of pretty…

6 lip colours you need this summer

Summer days may be about a lot of things, about spontaneous getaways and lazy afternoons, about exotic drinks sipped by the pool and weightless garments floating in the wind, but it’s a hot coloured pair of lips that further adds brightness to any memorable moment. From delicate nudes to bubblegum pinks, and from fiery corals to intense reds, here are the 6 lip colours you need…

Lara Stone does cowgirl for PORTER

It feels like forever since Lara Stone took the fashion world by storm, but the Dutch beauty is back for the third issue of PORTER – the magazine component of shopping destination net-a-porter.com. Photographed by Inez & Vinoodh, the story is themed around “Escape” and features Stone in an exotic locale sporting flowing maxi dresses, cowboy boots and bikinis.
Lara Stone by Inez & Vinoodh for PORTER issue 3
Lara Stone by Inez & Vinoodh for PORTER issue 3
Lara Stone by Inez & Vinoodh for PORTER issue 3
Lara Stone by Inez & Vinoodh for PORTER issue 3
Lara Stone by Inez & Vinoodh for PORTER issue 3
Lara Stone by Inez & Vinoodh for PORTER issue 3
Lara Stone by Inez & Vinoodh for PORTER issue 3
Lara Stone by Inez & Vinoodh for PORTER issue 3