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Beautiful, dark, twisted: fashion like a fantasy

Fashion like a fantasy but not the sugary type, so don’t be expecting tulle, rainbows and sorbet colours to be filling up Magic Owen’s wicked utopia. Instead, take the less traveled road and surrender your imagination to the dark side, where the beautiful and the twisted coexist in ample silhouettes, past tinging the present, cool tones, patent finishes and exaggerated cuts conspiring for a helluva…
Whispers of the past
Whispers of the past
Whispers of the past
Whispers of the past
Whispers of the past
Whispers of the past
Whispers of the past
Whispers of the past

Victoria’s Secret releases those sexy Halloween costumes you know and love

They’re cliche, but you can’t help but be mesmerised by them anyway. At least when Elsa Hosk lends her cute freckled nose and gorgeous figure to the mix. From white chiffon-clad angel to sexy French maid, cat eared babe to naughty red devil, these stereotypical costume outfits are at times ideal for Halloween parties and at others best kept to the bedroom.

7 awesome Halloween costume ideas for the fashion girl

7 utterly awesome Halloween costume ideas for the fashion girl Gone are the days when a Halloween costume implied throwing on as little as a pair of cat ears or a colourful wig for the festive mood to be set. Now, the gathering of inspiration and the putting together of that one killer outfit starts early and it is considered serious business. For the fashion…

12 lace-up tops to get into your wardrobe now

It’s the quintessential ’70s-inspired wardrobe staple, bearing the retro influences at its core but looking like something the street-style darlings would wear today. Maybe because they actually do. Body-hugging or airy and loose, solid or printed but always made whole with the pretty lace-up detailing, this is the top to rock this fall. To be paired to flare jeans and sexy minis, to be layered…

The 7 key shoe styles to shop right now

The 7 key shoe styles to shop right now. Dainty flats to super-high boots, fur accents to embellished heels, mannish shoes to edgy booties, there’s no shortage of statement footwear when it comes to rounding off the current season’s list of must-have accessories. The hottest shoe styles for fall / winter 2015 are finally ready to hit the streets. Time to pick out your favorites…

9 blanket ponchos to keep you warm this autumn

It’s a tough job leaving the comfort of a warm house behind when outside the temperatures begin to drop marking the inevitable installment of the fall. More snug than a coat, and allowing you to take some of that homey coziness with you on-the-go, a blanket poncho is this season’s answer to cold-weather dressing. Below, the 9 blanket ponchos to keep you warm this autumn…

Anja Konstantinova lends her sex-appeal to Intimately Free People

She may not have the typical model stature, but blonde Russian-Australian beauty Anja Konstantinova has plenty of sex appeal and sensuality to lend to the latest look book for Intimately Free People. The brand’s fall / winter 2015 collection features delicate lace bralets, high waisted briefs, and silk camisoles. Harper Smith photographed the gorgeous, softly-lit images.

13 best metallic eyeshadows for sparkling eyes to shop now

Shimmery copper to luxe gold, sparkling silver to emerald green, the metallic lids shape up one of the most mesmerizing beauty trends for the fall 2015 fashion season. Dazzling, dramatic, but totally wearable, the metallic eyes also represent the effortless way to infuse your autumnal looks with a dash of high-impact sophistication. After the break, 13 of the most amazing metallic eyeshadows for sparkling eyes…