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6 men’s essentials for: a luxury ski trip

The cold season is officially here, which means tons of adventurous weekends ahead, with snow, breathtaking landscapes and luxurious resorts set to complete the long-awaited winter dream. If you’re planning on hitting the slopes this season, why not do it in style? Choose to complement your skiwear with a selection of luxury accessories from world-class winter sports brands. Here are some picks.

5 devastatingly sexy-cool bralets to indulge in this holiday season.

There’s looking sexy, and there’s feeling sexy in your favorite holiday outfits, a combination of the two making for the ideal mind set when dealing with the party season. Even when decked in cheeky frocks or daring silhouettes, you still need a solid foundation to build the sex-appeal upon, and that usually comes from underneath. This holiday season slip into the sensual with a devastatingly…

5 lace party dresses to rock during the holidays

Nothing like a sexy, darling, feminine lace dress to ease into holiday season. Whether fitted or flared, in black or nude, this type of party silhouette makes dressing for special occasions feel both effortless and exciting. Team your favorite lace frock with sky-high heels and glamorous curls, and get ready to own the night. Here are 5 lace party dresses to rock during holidays.

11 hair & beauty products you should stop buying and start making

If you like to get creative, if you prefer to stuff your pantry with only natural, healthy ingredients, if you love to treat yourself right, and enjoy committing to a fun, DIY project every once in a while, switching the drugstore hair and beauty products for ones made with your own hands will be a breeze. If not, perhaps the all-natural, chemical-free and unique qualities…

5 gifts to give a guy that you absolutely can’t go wrong with

Finding and gifting that one perfect present to someone you love is part of the whole Christmas magic, but sometimes, putting a smile on your favorite guy’s face doesn’t come without struggle. Luckily, there are plenty of foolproof gifts out there if you just know who you’re shopping for. Whether it’s your best friend, your boyfriend, your husband or your brother, one of these fail-safe…

5 skinny scarves you can wear both day and night

Whether you seek to build up the cool factor of your favorite everyday outfits, or to reinforce a night look through a simple, yet statement-making on-trend accessory, trust a skinny scarf to serve you right all season long. We’re talking silky, lacy or velvety pieces adorned with fringes, embroideries or sequins, that promise an effortless transition in between day and night. Here are 5 picks.

5 men’s holiday sweaters that are actually stylish

The line between tacky and stylish is so very thin in what concerns festive wear that most of the times it’s just easier to reject the idea altogether. But before completely dismissing the holiday sweaters and the little bit of extra spark they bring to the season, do try committing to those styles that challenge the familiar notion with classic hues and refined patterns. Here…

Pirelli Calendar 2016 features female icons, not models. Reddit thread calls them “old and disgusting”.

The 2016 Pirelli Calendar smashes free of the usual pin-up cliches. Women admired for more than their bikini bodies - including icons Patti Smith, Serena Williams, Yoko Ono and Amy Schumer - are amoung this year's pages, but not everyone is cheering the move. The Reddit community have called the woman "old and disgusting". Read on for more.

9 textured chunky sweaters every cool girl needs this winter

That cold weather implores for warmth and comfort in the wardrobe department is by no means news, and on those days when the temperatures seem to rally up against you, know that you can trust the feel of a soft, relaxed, chunky sweater falling effortlessly against the skin to beat anything and everything. To make things all the more exciting for fall / winter 2015,…