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The raw sexiness of a woman in men’s clothing: Rhiannon

Sex sells, as the adage so frequently goes, and in the case of this shoot it’s Urbandon‘s menswear that’s on sale, and Rhiannon that’s the sex. Surely any guy would have their attention hijacked by the beautiful blonde, if not by the clothes. And who’s to say girls can’t look even better in menswear, anyway? Particularly in Urbandon’s recycled and reclaimed, rough-edged and patched-together pieces,…
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Ivory skin, ebony hair

Half obscured by a curtain of raven black hair, Peter Coulson‘s model Anne Duffy looks equal parts Snow White and Evil Queen. It’s a series of unfussy black and white portraits that focus on contrasts, and raw energy. Clothed in a black sheer knit by sustainable fashion label Urbandon, Duffy could quite easily slip into the Gothic subplot of the season.
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Beauty in Urbandon

We’re yet to grow tired of the regular collaborations between photographer Peter Coulson and designer/creative madman/magpie Don Pezzano from Urbandon. The latter description is penned with the best regard: Pezzano’s pieces are always creatively put together from reclaimed bits and pieces (see this photoshoot for one of Coulson’s shoots of Urbandon’s unique jewellery pieces) and that’s all part of their appeal. In this shoot model…
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From scrap metal to wearable art

If the jewellery in this shoot strikes you as unusual and unique, it’s with good reason: that’s precisely what it is. Don Pezzano, the designer behind Sydney label Urbandon, creates one-off pieces from materials he’s scrounged or happened upon; metals are 100% recycled and fabrics are reclaimed. Some might see antique keys, door plates, clock parts, bolts and whistles as scrapheap junk – but in…
NSFW Photo gallery included.