valerie van der graaf


A vision of Valerie van der Graaf

Some models simply have an undeniable presence. For Valerie van der Graaf it’s not necessarily the shining through of personality or of youth or of self-confidence in so much as it is the shining through of out-and-out bombshell sex appeal. Viewing this series of images – photographed by talented young photographer Grant Thomas – it’s not the styling or the setting or the black and…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Stylespiration: Bardot meets Barbarella

Valerie van der Graaf has this hair that just cascades down in a merciless assault of retro-glamour. It’s that hair that’s central to this shoot’s theme of Bardot meets Barbarella, for where would either of them be without their colossal mounds of sex kitten hair? Add to that van der Graaf’s impossible curves and oozing sensuality, and styling inspiration for slick, minimal outfits and you…
NSFW Photo gallery included.