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Passion leads, trouble follows

The picture-perfect kind of beauty so often portrayed by Vivia Tan‘s faultless photographs, is able to put all sorts of intricate scenarios into motion. Just because it can easily disarm, deceive and stir up the strongest emotions, there’s no way of telling that trouble won’t follow, where passion is expected to lead. A vanity affair shielded by a veil of innocence makes for a flimsy…
White Affair by Vivia Tan
White Affair by Vivia Tan
White Affair by Vivia Tan
White Affair by Vivia Tan
White Affair by Vivia Tan
White Affair by Vivia Tan
White Affair by Vivia Tan
White Affair by Vivia Tan

Scarlett Johansson for Vanity Fair France

Elegance and the glamour of French fashion is the theme of the latest issue of Vanity Fair France with Scarlett Johansson as the cover girl. Scarlett is wearing a white cloak over a black skirt in this sneak peek of the editorial part of the magazine. As for the cover photo (after the break), the American actress, model and singer is still in black and white;…

Know, see, do, read: for the fashioniser’s weekend

Misquotations to quote during all those dinner party conversations (just don’t misquote the misquotations), animals you never knew existed, rare natural phenomenon and how to look great in photos. Plus in our weekend reads, the story behind the real-life Bling Ring and how Sarah Burton became fashion royalty. After the break, a fashioniser’s guide to the weekend.

Know, see, do: for the fashionisers’ weekend

No matter where you are in the world, the weekend will soon be upon you. That means it’s time for our weekly round-up of entertaining tidbits, the things you need to know, the things you should see (just because) and some places to go if you get bored and feel like shopping at J.Crew, marvelling at a Monet, or getting dressed to impress for a…

See, do, read, check out: a Fashioniser’s guide to the weekend

Either people haven’t read The Great Gatsby, don’t get it, or just don’t care: the contradictory nature of all those opulent themed Gatsby parties being thrown right now. Plus, Audrey Hepburn’s much admired street style, and – post Met Gala – the question of punk-as-fashion. After the break, your round-up of things to see, do, read (and maybe even drink) this weekend.

You can never have too much Audrey Hepburn: Vanity Fair

Audrey Hepburn may have long passed from this earth, but that doesn’t mean her days on the magazine covers are over. Vanity Fair has gone back to the archives for their May 2013 issue, digitally colourising one of Bud Fraker’s portraits of Hepburn for the cover. In a ballerina bun and long white gloves, there’s no denying Audrey’s timeless grace and gamine femininity.

Kate Moss covers Vanity Fair

Sex, Drugs and Johnny Depp, promises the December 2012 cover of Vanity Fair. It’s quite a way back into Kate Moss’ past to reach, but the magazine claims she’s just now opening up about “her controversial images, her romance with Johnny Depp, and her talent for hell-raising.”

Alexander McQueen menswear: full look book and video

In the space where historically-influenced tailoring meets contemporary youthfulness, you’ll find the fall 2012 menswear collection from Alexander McQueen. Designer Sarah Burton was inspired by nineteenth-century portraits from Vanity Fair – portraits that spanned the social spectrum of boys to noblemen – and the fact is evidenced in everything from the cropped britches (worn atop long socks) to the coats thrown back like tails. These…

Print magazine sales: which titles are plummeting?

Print circulation figures for British magazines have been posted – and they’re not looking too flash, reports WWD. U.K. Glamour, Vogue, Elle, InStyle and Tatler all reported drops in circulation compared to last year. Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar UK, and Marie Claire were more fortunate, inching upwards sightly in their figures. WWD also reported that the old media print titles are publishing figures which now…