Gigi Hadid got criticised for her body. Here’s her response, and it’s awesome.

If you’ve been keeping up with our fashion week coverage, you’d have noticed the wide eyes, pouty lips, and curvaceous body of Gigi Hadid gracing numerous runways. But if you’ve noticed that Hadid’s figure isn’t quite as slim and straight as the other models, you’re not the only one: Hadid has been racking up plenty of criticism on her Instagram account for her curvy shape.…

31 super-chic outfits from Milan: street style, day 3

You can’t miss Anna Dello Russo’s sequin-embellished Versace number, but perhaps you’ll require a closer look to spot the several quirky clutches and mini bags peppered through our roundup of yesterday’s Milan fashion week street style. Accessories really are key, they seem to say; though that’s not to diminish the thought that went into the outfits themselves. At the gallery, 31 street style looks from…

That ’70s wildness bared on film (NSFW)

It never is just about nudity for Taryn Andreatta, her bareness always confined between ingenuity and fantasy, her body ever a fine work of art, her mind the brilliant secret weapon that never ceases to deliver. Photographed by Erik Tranberg, Taryn abandons herself to that ’70s wildness, unveiling it all in all-Polaroid. Nothing but bare skin lies in between the fishnet tights and the Versace…
NSFW Photo gallery included.