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Victoria’s Secret Swim: Candice Swanepoel in that perfect beach world

I dare say not much changes between one Victoria’s Secret swim look book and the next, but you’re at least guaranteed a glimpse into a world where beaches and endless and sunshine is eternal, a world populated by the athletic physical perfection that is Candice Swanepoel. But while the idealistic weather conditions and beachy flowing hair are constants in this masterfully created world, the swimwear…

Sexy overload: 5 ultra-hot videos to watch this weekend

When GQ Spain enlisted Alvaro de la Herrán to direct a video based on Fifty Shades of Grey, surely not even they could have anticipated something so brazenly erotic and yet so softly filmed. “It’s clear to me,” says Herrán, “that in a contemporary sexual relationship a kiss hides more than a tongue.” Alexander Tikhomirov shoots beautiful bodies where tribal jewellery and tattoos are the…

Victoria’s Secret models love you

It’s not groundbreaking, but it is pleasantly sweet and without the awkwardness of their Christmas video. It’s Victoria’s Secret advertising Valentine’s Day, by getting their models to tell the camera (and yes, you the viewer) “I love you”.

Victoria’s Secret Swim ’13 look book

A ruched gold lamé two-piece. A leopard-print, jewel-studded push-up bikini bra. These things are not for the faint of heart, nor do they feature many places in the coming summer’s swimwear trends. But they do feature in Victoria’s Secret, and they’re the kind of the glamour pieces the brand is famous for. By the virtues of models like Candice Swanepoel, they manage to look far…

This may be the most awkward Victoria’s Secret video ever

We can’t help but wonder at how this video – which may induce a cringe or two – found its way into the Victoria’s Secret marketing strategy. Sure, awkwardness can be endearing… but this feels a little too awkward. In the film, the Victoria’s Secret angels sing Deck The Halls. Credits to Miranda Kerr who somehow does pull off making the whole endeavour sexy and…