5 hot pink lipstick looks to try this summer

Amongst the 6 lip colours you’ll be needing this summer, a bright shade of pink lipstick is most prone to become your number one beauty ally. The hot and beautiful hues available are countless, the ways to work the statement lips into a makeup look are endless, and as a beauty trend for summer the bright pink lips aren’t anything if not timeless. And that’s…

Cara Delevingne lip-syncing to LL Cool J in a pool of UFO candy is strangely mesmerising (video)

I don’t think I need to explain why it’s so mesmerising to watch Cara Delevingne lip-syncing to LL Cool J’s “It’s Hard to Control Myself” while writhing on a bed of UFO candy. Actually, I’m not even sure I could. Suffice to say, it is. Watch the video after the break.

5 ways to recreate the perfect beach waves this summer

The beach waves act as the epitome of all things effortless and summery, building a hairstyle that works both for the day, and for the night, season after season, without it ever getting old. In recreating this gorgeous summer hairstyle, all you will be needing is your DIY salt-spray, a curling iron, hairspray and one of the 5 easy tutorials we have gathered for you…

5 bold brows beauty looks to try this summer

If you worked on perfecting them this past fall and winter, you’ll be happy to know that the bold, thick brows are just as relevant as a makeup trend for summer 2014. This season they are framing nude eyes and looking amazingly beautiful when paired to a bold lip colour. That, if you are all about simplifying your makeup routine, if not, you can still…

5 ways to achieve the perfect blow out this summer

Summertime has a way of shoving aside everything that feels too complicated, too overwhelming, too pretentious. Despite the fact that you’ll want to look your best even when the temperatures reach the highest levels, chances are you’ll want to do it the easy way. From super sleek to gorgeous, bouncy waves, a blow out done right will have you looking beautiful with something as simple…

5 glossy eye beauty looks to try this weekend

There’s something about the glossy eyes, in all of their beautiful spring / summer 2014 interpretations, that makes them almost impossible to resist. Slick, sexy and decidedly sophisticated they are the perfect addition to a hot summer’s repertoire of beauty looks. From chocolate brown to modern takes on the classic smoky eyes, the glossy finish takes over for one more season. Get ready to experiment…

Hear me roar: the naked body as a fearless plea for peace (NSFW)

Taryn Andreatta is best known for her untamed spirit and for her forward approach to nude photography, being one of the finest models an artist can choose to work with, an absolute dream when it comes to giving it all for the sake of one perfect shoot. Morphing into a wild thing for the camera’s lens, she gives voice to the silent, praying for peace,…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Pretty pastels turned powerful-chic

To think that elegance is built upon a string of complex concepts is not entirely wrong, but not completely true either. It’s by the way of simplicity that the authentic style is allowed to reveal all of its fine layers, and Miriam Mollers does an incredible job in turning the most simple silhouettes into powerful-chic attires by channeling just the right attitude. A basic white…
I Lost Myself In Us by Miriam Mollers
I Lost Myself In Us by Miriam Mollers
I Lost Myself In Us by Miriam Mollers
I Lost Myself In Us by Miriam Mollers
I Lost Myself In Us by Miriam Mollers
I Lost Myself In Us by Miriam Mollers
I Lost Myself In Us by Miriam Mollers