vincent binant


Tales of the dark, enigmatic beauty

There’s little you can unveil about a woman at first sight, perhaps a name whispered in a hurry, the sound of her voice when murmuring said name, or the way she walks when the pavement appears to be spread to guide her steps, and her steps only. You might also catch a glimpse of her world when absentmindedly admiring the way that lace dress drapes…

She owns the night: lingerie & Lada Kravchenko

A narrative of feeling adventurous, picking up the phone on a cloudy Parisian evening and making plans to take on the town. Model Lada Kravchenko goes from sumptuous black bustier to being bound up in the strappy wonders of Mise en Cage and a faux fur coat by Loewe in this photo series by Vincent Binant for Z!nk magazine. With green eyes glowing and pearly…
NSFW Photo gallery included.