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Exclusive: Tales of forgotten places

Vivienne Mok believes that to be a great photographer, one must have a strong vision. It’s certainly a characteristic she not only aspires to but one she achieves with rhythmic regularity. Her shoots are the kind that seem to create their own worlds. They’re dream-like, almost always a unified vision of beauty and softness. At times they capture something sensual, erotic even – though when…

Daydreaming in chiffon

Vivienne Mok‘s photo shoots are so sensual that when you gaze upon them you can practically feel the light filtering in through a Parisienne window, feel the softness of chiffon on your own skin, smell the gently wafting scent of rose petals and polished wood floors. And as with past shoots we’ve featured this one of Lea draws you right into those recurrent themes. Titled…
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Hairspiration: soft afro hair

If your hair type leans to thick, textured, corkscrew curls then 2011 is the perfect time to embrace them; to enhance them. Forget the straightening irons and chemical treatments, the influence of 70s fashion means there’s no better time to go with the ‘fro. And if there’s one lesson learned from this beautiful shoot by Vivienne Mok its that a voluminous, textured ‘afro’ hairstyle doesn’t…

Weekend distraction: Monika Hederova

Lately we’ve been featuring a number of works by French photographer Vivienne Mok, and we’ve come to know her – and adore her – for her softly feminine trademark style. Shooting for EVER Magazine yielded something a little more sexy, erotic even, taking Mok’s soft style and pushing it further into the sensual side of nudity as fashion.
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Exclusive: Olga by Vivienne Mok

Vivienne Mok‘s shoots aren’t just about the model. They’re a magpie collection of daydreams and pretty things, marked by an unmistakable softness that’s come to be her trademark. I’ve written before on the synergy between hair, makeup, styling and photography that aligns into a single vision in Mok’s shoots, brought about by her one-man-band creative skills that give her full creative control. This shoot of…

An exclusive from Vivienne Mok

Didn’t I say yesterday that we’d be seeing more of Vivienne Mok‘s captivating photography very soon? Fortunately we didn’t have to wait very long. True to her signature style, this photo series of cherubic redhead Emilie is soft, sensual and vintage-inspired with an all-white clothing colour palette filled with sheer fabrics and delicate lace.
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A certain softness: Vivienne Mok

When fashion styling and photographic qualities align it’s like an alignment of stars; everything just falls into place. And while working with a well-matched team of creatives can cause that astral alignment to happen, those partnerships don’t always offer complete freedom or a result that reflects one’s vision. Vivienne Mok photographs and styles her shoots, leaving nothing to chance and seemingly guaranteeing a brilliant, beautiful…