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The ultimate accessory gift guide for every type of girl

Accessories for every type of girl. The ultimate Christmas list should consist of gifts for every special woman in your life, and shopping for them it’s easiest when you know exactly what they’re into. We’ve all got the eternal party girl, the minimalist chic or the feminine tomboy amongst out list of friends and finding the perfect gift for each and every one of them…

Despite Cara Delevingne & Pharrell Williams, Lagerfeld’s new film is underwhelming

There’s a scene in Karl Lagerfeld’s new film Reincarnation in which Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams – decked out as 17th century Austrian royalty – break out of a waltz and into a very contemporary little pop dance move. It seems to sum up why Karl Lagerfeld has retained his position at Chanel: if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s blending the traditional and…

Get the look: autumn boho

The leaves start to fall, the breezes start to turn a little colder, and suddenly leaving the house seems a little less inviting. But don’t feel disheartened: there are plenty of reasons to get excited about autumn, and here’s one of them. Boho. In 2014 it comes down to a look that’s polished and luxurious as well as free spirited. Pile on the jewellery, pull…

You won’t believe who opened the Prada show

She was the youngest model to land an American Vogue cover in 2004. By 2007 she was on Forbes’ top 10 list of highest earning supermodels. But in 2008 she stopped walking the runways, and rumours of a return have circulated ever since – reaching a kind of mythical status. The day finally came today when Gemma Ward made her return. Still looking very much…

Elena Perminova poses nude for Vogue Russia

In the strange land where the borders of model, socialite and Instagram celebrity intersect, Elena Perminova is surely queen. Who else might you spot posing nude in Vogue Russia’s September issue? With a Rapunzel-esque side braid and little else, Perminova covers the issue’s beauty supplement.