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FETE A/W ’15 lookbook: La Dolce Vita

“For the girls with stars in their eyes, love in their hearts, flowers in their hair,” quotes FETE’s autumn / winter 2015/16 lookbook. Titled “La Dolce Vita”, the collection of floating pleat dresses, black lace frocks, and ’60s style bikinis does certainly seem to channel icons like Anita Ekberg and Brigitte Bardot. Model Hailey Barnett stars as photographed by Louisa Van Der Sterren.

Moeva’s latest swimwear lookbook is to die for

There’s not an image in Moeva’s “Avalon” lookbook that doesn’t elicit a whole-hearted wow. There’s the gorgeous setting of a country mansion, complete with ivy-dripped archways, checkered tiles, and horses. And then of course there’s the swimwear, luxurious and glamorous and unique; the kind you dream about but were never really sure actually existed. Off-shoulder cuts, metal chain details, intricate interwoven necklines and strappy overlays……

5 gorgeous hairstyles to try for the holidays: video roundup

When it comes to holiday hair, no amount of inspiration can amass as too much, and on top of the gorgeous party hairstyles presented to you in visual form, we’re adding a couple more, equal as beautiful and inspiring, but coming in the guise of easy step-by-step guides set on helping you achieve the looks right in the comfort of your home. With plenty of…

9 textured chunky sweaters every cool girl needs this winter

That cold weather implores for warmth and comfort in the wardrobe department is by no means news, and on those days when the temperatures seem to rally up against you, know that you can trust the feel of a soft, relaxed, chunky sweater falling effortlessly against the skin to beat anything and everything. To make things all the more exciting for fall / winter 2015,…

Eclectic styling at the Tuileries

It’s a particularly eclectic feat of styling that was snapped in Paris at the Tuileries, featuring the season’s favourite lace up top, a kimono-style jacket, high-waisted jeans and a sweet straw hat. Even with the addition of round sunglasses, strappy heels and a miniature backpack, the ensemble never became too much.

25 awesome accessories to gift this Christmas

If you’ve got winter on your mind, you’ve definitely got Christmas on your mind, and if you’re thinking about Christmas you’re not doing it properly if you’re not currently working on a wish list, one to be filled with all kinds of pretty things for you, and more pretty things to gift to all of the stylish ladies in your life. We’re thinking luxe on…

Lack of Color S/S ’16 look book

The brand may be called Lack of Color, but there’s little lacking from their spring / summer 2016 lookbook. Gorgeous muse Cailin Russo wears chic fedoras and easy straw hats from the collection, titled “Las Palmas”. The imagery – shot with a faded retro vibe by Jason Lee Parry – makes you want to be right there poolside.

Stella Maxwell stars in Urban Outfitters holiday lookbook

It would be hard to pick a favourite image from the Holiday 2015 Urban Outfitters lookbook. Stella Maxwell with an airy nude-tone dress and slouchy thigh-high socks, expression all doe-eyed and bed-haired? Stella Maxwell leaning back in an armchair, blue gown parted to reveal long legs and bare feet? Or perhaps it’s Stella in a floral mini shirt dress, 60s style, with a clip in…

Lascivious Lingerie brings your daily dose of sexy

Sexiness is the Pierre Dal Corso special. The French photographer understands its nuances, its subtleties. He knows it’s as much about what isn’t seen as what is, as much about the mood as the subject. And so it goes without saying that Lascivious – the cheeky, luxurious British lingerie brand we know and love – made a perfect choice when they enlisted Dal Corso to…
Lascivious Lingerie 2015 collection campaign
Lascivious Lingerie 2015 collection campaign
Lascivious Lingerie 2015 collection campaign
Lascivious Lingerie 2015 collection campaign
Lascivious Lingerie 2015 collection campaign
Lascivious Lingerie 2015 collection campaign
Lascivious Lingerie 2015 collection campaign
Lascivious Lingerie 2015 collection campaign