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A girl, a window & a white shirt

My comfort zone is the street. But the thing about comfort zones - whether you choose to stay snug inside them or face the clouds of gut-wrenching butterflies circling their borders - is that having the choice is a blessing in itself. In support of those who don't, there are campaigns like this one.

Wildfox summer 2014: Royal Romance

It strikes me that photographing a Wildfox lookbook must be a damn fun thing to do with your time. It’s like the models get told to just rollick around in the midst of some lavish tea party/beach house soiree/picnic or whatever else, while photographer Mark Hunter chronicals it all in beautiful, light-drenched imagery. And so, designer Kimberley Gordon’s heartfelt musings about romance aside, summer 2014…

What happens when you cross lingerie with mythology? Sexiness happens.

Long before the influence of shows like Spartacus and Game of Thrones there’s been something inherently sexy about mythology. Just think of the Homeric verses, peppered through with alluring Sirens, frisky nymphs and beauties like Helen of Troy. When a lingerie label like Ludique looks to mythological references for their latest bridal campaign, the results are about as sexy as you might expect and then…
Ludique lingerie 'Craiasa' Bridal campaign
Ludique lingerie 'Craiasa' Bridal campaign
Ludique lingerie 'Craiasa' Bridal campaign
Ludique lingerie 'Craiasa' Bridal campaign
Ludique lingerie 'Craiasa' Bridal campaign
Ludique lingerie 'Craiasa' Bridal campaign
Ludique lingerie 'Craiasa' Bridal campaign

For Love & Lemons “Extra Virgin” lingerie look book (NSFW)

The mood is everything when you aim to veil a series of photographs in gorgeous black and white tones, to bathe them in gorgeous fading lights and enhance their charm using vintage Polaroid effects. The attitude is everything when the subject of said photographs is lingerie, dipped in ivory and white tones, powdery neons, cut in unusual textiles and inspired by vintage classic silhouettes. Luckily,…

For Love & Lemons S/S ’14 look book

You rarely stumble upon a look book so visually striking that it manages to instantly convey you to a happier place. Awaking the wanderlust, For Love & Lemons’ spring / summer 2014 look book is made out of everything one could dream of: an exotic destination (Antigua, Guatemala), a plethora of gorgeous summer styles, colour, vibrancy, plus a textile heaven. Photographed by Zoey Grossman and…

How to wear men’s short shorts this spring

Summertime calls for the liberating experience of wearing shorts and the men’s spring 2014 fashion trends call for shorter styles perhaps as a natural response to the rising temperatures. What started off as a subtle movement in Paris two or three seasons ago, morphed into a proper trend as more and more gentlemen dared express their preference for the short shorts over the past years.…

Mlle Mademoiselle S/S ’14 look book

I need help deciding: which to be more enamoured with, the clothing in MLLE Mademoiselle’s spring 2014 look book, or the look book itself? The white lace “mermaid” dress with its plunging neckline and fishtail hem calls like a siren, as happy to be worn with bed hair and flat sandals as with heels and red lips. Cutaway bikinis, lace-front shorts and halternecks have a…