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7 problems curly-haired girls know too well (and how to solve them)

Despite it looking beautiful when slightly softened, and being practically tameless the rest of the time, the curly hair has also gained a reputation for being one of the hardest hair types to style. More prone to breakage, naturally drier, with a tendency to frizz and trickier to keep under control, the curly bounces can however be made frizz-free and totally lovable with the right…

11 cool men’s summer hairstyles to try right now

Summer is the perfect time to embark on a new adventure, and sometimes that new adventure can be sought out in the simplest of actions, in the smallest of changes. Be it a subtle haircut, or a total makeover, there’s still time to dive into the new season with that charming, on-trend look you’ve been longing for. From practical to popular, from stylish to unfussy,…

5 braided hairstyles to sport at the beach: video roundup

If you plan a trip to the beach this weekend and you’ve got your summer outfit(s) all sorted out, there’s no reason to skip on an equally pretty hairstyle to round off your effortless looks, all the more when it promises striking results with little effort. Read on to discover the 5 braided hairstyles bound to transition from street to beach, and from the beach…

9 hot weather hairstyles that will survive the heat

Summer calls for the hair to be pulled up and for the make-up to be kept minimal, it calls for breezy garments and comfy shoes, it calls for all of the things granted to make your life easier once the temperatures begin to rise. And since you can’t always beat the heat and humidity, you might as well embrace them and make them work for…

The statement earring: why you only need one this season

You’d think that two is better than one, that more is more when it comes to fall 2015’s accessories, that the loudest of statements are made by adding instead of taking something off, yet the runways appear to strongly disagree. Getting bigger and better in a sea of equally bold jewellery trends, the single-earring is ready to add power to your it-girl game, guarantying the…

5 pretty ways to style your long bob right now: video tutorials

The long bob haircut makes for a gorgeous look all on its own, but how about those days when you’re seeking for that little extra something else? Despite the common misconception, there are plenty of options when it comes to styling a lob and this week’s video round up is about to offer you some serious inspiration in this very department. Below, 5 long bob…

That girl is something else

Both sweet and edgy but perfectly unique, she rocks an undone, messy bob with wet texture, and a bare make-up look that speaks of real, unadulterated beauty: her name is Corrie Lejuwaan and she is definitely something else. A mix of ladylike and rock-and-roll silhouettes styled by Jessie Frost, gift Corrie with that one-of-a-kind image meant to match her extraordinary attitude. About unfussy glamour and a…
That Girl by Walter Maurice
That Girl by Walter Maurice
That Girl by Walter Maurice
That Girl by Walter Maurice
That Girl by Walter Maurice
That Girl by Walter Maurice