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6 easy hair tips for surviving summer

It’s enough for someone to whisper the word summer for an avalanche made out of nothing but beautiful images to occupy their mind in a matter of seconds. Amongst them: endless beaches, blue waters, never-ending nights, clear skies, sun-kissed skin. There’s no place for frizzy hair, or dry end problems in that delightful sequence of happy thoughts, and maybe that’s the way it should be.…

Structured, simple, beautiful: the minimalist way

A style that doesn’t appear to know of time, clothes that seem to follow their own natural shape, strong lines that speak of restraint and refinement. Minimalism beyond fashion is a way of living, particularly if it involves stripping down to the essentials in order to fully showcase the principle of individuality. With as little as a fitted turtleneck, a pleated skirt, a basic one-piece…
Timea by Kristof Toth
Timea by Kristof Toth
Timea by Kristof Toth
Timea by Kristof Toth
Timea by Kristof Toth
Timea by Kristof Toth
Timea by Kristof Toth
Timea by Kristof Toth

How to: Prada’s slick, low chignon

Austere elegance is what best describes the hairstyle we spotted at the Prada fall 2014 show at Milan fashion week. Created by Redken’s Guido Palau, this 2014 hairstyle mixes a slick, wet look finish and sharp center part with a sophisticated low chignon. Reminiscent of something you might see on a ballerina, this hairstyle exudes a certain vibe of discipline and poise. At the same…

Men’s hair styling products explained: your guide

Hair is never easy, not unless you are an extremely lucky individual, or you managed to actually put together a recipe for success, choosing to permanently stick to it. But where’s the fun in that? With every men’s style and cut comes the chance to reinvent yourself, either it’s for a day, or for the long run, and in between those limits experimenting is key.…

Elfin edge: in New York

This take on the elfin half tuck was a particularly bold one: wet look, slicked, ears peeping out from two defined sections of hair. And yet, with a slightly grungy ensemble of plaid shirt and leather jacket, it worked on the street.

Wet, black and edgy: in Paris

An all-black outfit benefits from a mix of textures: sheer layered under opaque in layers of varying lengths, in this case. This off-duty model’s edgy wet look hairstyle added extra attitude. She was photographed during Paris couture week.

How to: Dion Lee’s half up top knot

The collaboration between Dion Lee and Redken’s Hair Director Jon Pulitano is not new, but it always yields great results. For this season’s show at MBFWA, this partnership has given us a hairstyle that’s a mix of different international 2014 hair trends. It’s simple, chic, young and a little bit oriental- there’s really nothing more we can ask for. The hairstyle is basically a half…

Rolling with the rain: in London

If there’s one hair trend that’s perfectly complimentary to London’s weather situation, it’s wet look hair. During London fashion week, jewellery designer Andreea rolled with the rain for a slick wet-hair look that beat out everyone else’s frazzled manes.

5 hairstyles to wear with a cool, boyish outfit: video roundup

If you already plan on making the most out of this season’s sexy take on masculine tailoring for women, you’ll need a little something extra besides the too-cool-to-care attitude, to pull off the ever-so effortless slouchy look. We’re talking hair, used as the ultimate accessory, either to fully embrace the boyish influence, or to perfect your menswear inspired outfits with the right dose of femininity.…