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Effortlessly sexy denim from Wrangler

Denim can be many things. It can be smart, it can most certainly be casual, and when it’s not being either of those you’ll likely find it loitering with intent, brushing up against bare skin and soaking up the curling smoke from a dangling cigarette, under the banner that reads sexy. Wrangler’s latest look book hints a little at smart and dabbles momentarily in the…

The future of denim

Denim is so integral to today’s fashion industry that it’s difficult to imagine it getting any bigger. But, it is. In fact, denim looks set to become an increasingly significant aspect of fashion over the next few years, and, possibly, even over the next few decades. In a recent press release, Premiere Vision announced it had “broken a new attendance record” for its Paris “Denim”…

Wrangler’s moody hues

In the world of fashion, advertising tends to tell a story whereas look books are left to be so simplistic that only the clothes can be focussed on. For their autumn / winter 2011 look book Wrangler have stuck to the tried and true formula of a simplistic background but with the slightest of embellishments. Playing to the season, the look book avoids the crisp…