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12 most devastatingly sexy photoshoots of 2014 (NSFW)

Top 12 sexy fashion shoots of 2014. Softness, sensuality, irrefutable sex-appeal; clothes melting into thin air giving way to flawless skin, provocative poses and the best kind of beauty to be put on display. In 2014 we have continued to feature the pure, unadulterated sexy, blurring the lines between nudity and fashion, between fashion and art, all while celebrating the sexuality of the female body.…

Bordelle in the boudoir for Bambi

Bordelle’s strappy bodices work more tirelessly than any other lingerie under the sun. Not only do they hold things up and push things in and tie the whole package up with a satin bow, they also take a starring role in many an erotically-charged editorial, and all this without complaint. Stylist Fourence Abelin uses these types of pieces liberally in a shoot by Yves Kortum…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Lingerie & birds of prey: the sexiest styling you’ll see today

I love words, but Bambi is erotic minimalism. It’s a short story anthology told only in pictures. It’s what a magazine looks like when you remove all the clutter and keep only the good bits. And how many magazines can claim to do that? But that’s not to say that the visuals themselves are minimalist. They’re delivered cleanly, without distraction, without explanation, but as for…
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Bondage, two babes in lingerie, and one amazing hotel room

You know that old line: Location, location, location. It can be as true for photoshoots as for where to pop up the latest Starbucks franchise. Location matters, but so, too, does making the absolute best use of it. In some unnamed hotel space that pits opulent furnishings against sanded back hardwood floors and provincial cabinets, Yves Kortum’s shoot for Bambi Magazine issue XVI brings the…
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Fetishised sensuality gone rogue (NSFW)

It’s not about the desire to shock anymore, not since the bondage element has long morphed into a full statement of luxury, instead the modern fetishism is more about allowing sensuality to break new grounds, without fully abandoning the taste of forbiddance. Chokers, fishnets, thigh-high stockings and leather harnesses met Sidney Bristow’s androgynous beauty as photographed by Yves Kortum for Bambi Magazine, in a successful…
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Religious habits to lingerie, innocence to irreverence

There’s no way irreverence is accidental when your model is packing a crucifix in her black thigh high suspender stockings. No-one makes that kind of styling choice without considering that they might shock or offend, and then deciding to do it anyway. Same thing goes for a nun’s habit where the part of the habit that covers the torso is missing and your would-be-nun proves…
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Venetian romance: ancient city meets new beauty

It’s often referred to as one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Why? Because Venice defies urban standards, crumbles with romantic ruin, whispers constantly of the impermanence of all things. Even when overrun by swarms of tourists, those watery canals feels somehow untouched by modern life. It’s for these reasons that this much loved city is most often partnered with classic beauty. Beauty itself…
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