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Contrasts and compliments

Sometimes the best way to compliment a fashion statement is by contrasting it. A printed pant suit that’s so relaxed it borders pyjama-esque thus needs something a little glamorous to contradict it; a bold jewelled necklace or a pair of stiletto-heeled ankle boots, perhaps. In donning one such relaxed pant suit of head-to-toe abstract print – this one being by Ukranian designer Yasya Minochkina –…

Focus on the bells

There’s plenty to look at in Barcelona, even in the middle of winter. The urban landscape offers row upon row of buildings that hint at the city’s former wealth while the natural landscape offers up views of hillsides, beaches and the Mediterranean. Street fashion isn’t as frequently as engaging however. As in so many other parts of the Med, Barcelona has a relaxed culture that…

Anja Rubik for Saint Laurent

He dropped the Yves and kept the Saint Laurent, and debuted a spring collection that seemed to turn models into 1970s style icons. And the first new campaign by Hedi Slimane for the brand has that Dandy-meets-rock’n’roll vibe in volumes, starring Anja Rubik in all black and white outfits against an opulent, Parisien looking backdrop.
Anja Rubik for Saint Laurent Paris Campaign
Anja Rubik for Saint Laurent Paris Campaign
Anja Rubik for Saint Laurent Paris Campaign
Anja Rubik for Saint Laurent Paris Campaign
Anja Rubik for Saint Laurent Paris Campaign
Anja Rubik for Saint Laurent Paris Campaign
Anja Rubik for Saint Laurent Paris Campaign
Anja Rubik for Saint Laurent Paris Campaign

YSL are surprised about branding uproar… We’re surprised they didn’t see it coming.

The Yves Saint Lauren name change uproar has finally been addressed in detail by Hedi Slimane, who told Vanity Fair that it was “interesting to see how much reaction this retro branding has created.” Slimane says the branding was a considered choice that revisits the ‘democratisation’ of fashion Saint Laurent was aiming for when he created the prêt-à-porter brand in 1966.

5 shades of red lipstick to leave on your wine glass

There’s little more sensuous and powerful than leaving lipstick stains on a glass of wine. And of all the lipstick colours, it's red that stands out the most. With red you can't hide, be it a summery watermelon or a fiery crimson. Here are 5 of the best red lipstick colours to leave behind on your wine glass as a token or your presence - along with picture inspiration to go with them.

Yves Saint Laurent to change name

Hedi Slimane, Yves Saint Laurent’s newly-appointed creative director, has provoked a public outcry when, keen to “thrust Saint Laurent into a new era modern”, he announced the decision to remove the founder of the brand’s first name from the famous moniker. The French house will be rebranded Saint Laurent Paris, although the iconic YSL logo will remain the same. This move, however daring, is not uncommon as the majority of…

6 perfume ads so provocative they got banned

Advertisement campaigns in the fashion and beauty industry are less about the product and more about the extravagance of the imagery or video. Especially where perfume ads are concerned, there’s no denying that we often see less of the tangible bottle, and more of everything else in that one frame, be it a nude body scattered on satin sheets or random imagery unlinked to the…

8 styles of shoes to make a statement out of summer

It’s one of many ‘numbers’ you never want to share with the world. Age. Lovers. Shoes. It’s considered socially unacceptable to discuss many such numbers, and the latter in is included amongst them as a girl can never have enough shoes in her closet by to publicise a number is to appear gauche. Each season, we see styles change, heels evolve and the colour palette…