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Warm summer breezes and crochet delights from She Made Me

Australian label She Made Me dives straight into summer with its latest sun-soaked campaign lensed by Terrence Connors. Taking on the sea journey is gorgeous muse Zippora Seven, decked in sexy crochet bikinis and rocking salty beach waves. White to lavender to burnt orange and black, the on-trend swimsuits building the new line come packed with retro vibes and plenty of sultry details.
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A day in Zippora Seven’s life is sexier than yours

All of our days start out naked, or at least undressed to some degree – but that’s about where the similarities between most lives and Zippora Seven‘s life end. Most of us do not pull on a sheer leopard print top in slow motion or spent the first part of our day pouring tea and reading a book in a peaceful Kiwi garden paradise; or…

Zippora Seven’s bedroom eyes: weekend watch

What’s the point of a fashion video campaign that shows you very little of the actual clothing? This video will tell you. Zippora Seven doesn’t need to do much but give the camera bedroom eyes and somehow you’re hooked like a drug that’s twice as potent when The Black Keys are playing. You may not get a feel for the colour palette of Mad Love’s…

An ear accessory you can’t help but notice

More and more over the past few years have earrings spread their wings, extending beyond the lobe and becoming an accessory that adorns the entire ear. We’ve spotted subtle versions (years ago, on Sienna Miller, an early proponent of what we then dubbed ‘earwings’), and extreme ones. (I am, personally, partial to the Jessica McCormack pair featured in this Zippora Seven video.) As to where…

Zippora Seven, diamonds and Walt Witman: weekend watch

Precious jewels are often advertised with aspirational imagery of sweeping gowns and red carpets. What makes this video, produced by creative studio Special Problems, particularly good is that it makes no mention of the product it’s advertising. Instead it’s an emotional pull, images of a beautiful Zippora Seven overlaid with tinkling music and a reading of Walt Witman’s Miracles. As to me, I know of…

Just like a woman: Zippora Seven

Zippora Seven‘s fame as a model was born of a pushed envelope and surrounded by controversy. It was a 16 year old Zippora that appeared topless in Russh Australia and then across the news for her being, some claimed, exploited while underage. Zippora though never seemed anything but natural and comfortable in front of the camera. Her confidence is unapologetic; it’s a cliche adage but…
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Falling for Zippora

New Zealand and Australia are friendly neighbours, frequently borrowing talent from eachother. This time it’s Kiwi Zippora Seven for Australia’s Fallen magazine, and it’s a clean, minimalistic portrait by Holly Blake that’s betrayed only by messy textured hair and a defining nose ring as an accessory. The clothing brings an edge to modern crisp whites and all-over blacks by pairing sporty sheer mesh with lace…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Having fun, the old fashioned way

Creating a shoot that looks perfectly vintage but uses modern clothing is something of an art. Usually it’s all about the antiquing effects post-applied to the photos, but in the case of this shoot by Liz Ham there’s little of that (bar for some shots being black and white). Instead its a subtle combination of styling and direction that works so perfectly well to recall…
Zippora Seven: Helmet magazine
Zippora Seven: Helmet magazine
Zippora Seven: Helmet magazine
Zippora Seven: Helmet magazine
Zippora Seven: Helmet magazine