Jason Wu and the luxe fall shoe

If you remove the oriental inspirations and focus your attention on the pairs that curve a lick of red leather onto a black body, Jason Wu’s fall 2012 shoe collection might look a little like it’s playing in the same space as Prada’s hot rod heel. But that little hint of flame-like red is where the similarities end. Instead the exotic influences dominate with plush decisiveness, whether it’s oriental floral silk or richly hued velvet. The mules, ballet flats and kitten heels form a contingent of stylish comfort in this collection, but they’re not the aesthetic winners. The platform pumps, strappy high-heeled sandals, and androgynous velvet slipper loafers draw a three-way tie on that prize.

The thing about Wu’s collection is that is conjures up a particular image of oriental opulence and sensual exoticism, but at the same time doesn’t require pairings of fierce leather from Ancient Empire or all-over silk and mandarin collars. Instead it’s the perfect fodder for clashing prints and textures and inspirations into an eclectic and carefree fall mix.

View the full collection of Jason Wu‘s fall 2012 footwear at the gallery above.