At first glance, the unique single spiraling strip shoe design first envisioned by Julian Hakes back in 2009, might appear more like an architectural art work and less like a pair of heels meant to join us in our daily quests, all while walking the busy city streets. Clearly, there’s more than meets the eye with these statement spiral heels, because behind their fashion forward appeal and unusual sophistication hides a comfortable lightweight concept and an indescribable elegance reflected by the smoothest curves.

Spiral mojito heels

The architectural fantasy collides with the purest form of design in a product that came along by mere accident, all while the London-based architect was trying to figure out the essential parts of the shoe that always end up supporting the foot. It wasn’t long after the fortunate experiment that the Mojito heels were being brought to life and named accordingly, with the lemon swirl used to complete a mojito drink serving as main inspiration. Sometimes creativity is as simple as that.

mojito heels

spiral heels

spiral heels

Refreshingly innovative, made out of carbon fiber and available in a full range of bold color combos, these delicate spiral heels mark the debut of an entirely new approach when it comes to statement shoes.

If you plan on making a strong impact this summer, these are the heels that will not allow for you to pass unnoticed, for better or worse. But then comes the question, would you brace yourcelf to give the Mojito heels a try?

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