Men’s shoes.

Herring men’s slippers: daily discovery

Men’s slippers have been something of a trend of late. I say something purposefully: it’s a style that appeals to a certain type of chap, one with a dandyish quality, usually one with either a matured sense of the prep style or who adds an element of the revivalist into his wardrobe. And should you know such a chap who is yet to add a…

Ralph Lauren men’s motorcycle boots

Long before the advent of Internet shopping, or at least Internet shopping that could travel from the US to wherever I happened to be living at the time, Ralph Lauren featured men’s motorcycle boots amongst their Blue Label look book. I was besotted, and tracking down a pair in an equal shade of tan locally proved quite the endeavour. But it was one with plenty…

The men’s boot for the season

It’s the men’s boot for the Autumn / Fall 2010 season. It’s from Burberry. It’s got overtones of aviator-cool, with a shearling lining that is going to turn heads. It’s perfect for the redefined men’s military fashion trend. And it’s a work of art. Catch another glimpse after the jump.

Scuffed shoes

Even though I’ll always preference an immaculate pair of handcrafted shoes, there’s something about a pair of stylish scuffed leather shoes, and the devil-may-care attitude that comes with them, that is undeniable appealing.
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How to tie boat shoe laces

My quest to complete my Spring 2010 wardrobe before the onset of the season has previously led me to a pair of nautically coloured Timberland boat shoes. But today, as a gorgeously coloured tan paid found their way to me, the niggling doubt that I’ve had about boat and deck shoes of late has returned. Rest assured that doubt is not about the style, boat…

Timberland boat shoes: preparing for Summer

I have a confession: I’m impatient. And that impatience leads to a great many number of things, not the least of which is shopping a season ahead. Currently in Australia, stores here are providing their customers with what many a fashioniser would recognise as Autumn / Fall 2009. But a mixture of Internet shopping, frequent flyer miles, and random gifts in the mail means that…

Tom Ford shoes: my latest investment

I once received a strange look for declaring that my definition of a good pair of men’s shoes were those whose structure was so sculpted and craftsmanship so obvious that they bordered on being sexual. Hence the most recent addition to my footwear collection comes in the guise of this pair of Tom Ford shoes. More pictures after the jump

John Lobb: the origins of real shoes

The hankering that I’ve developed for men’s shoes of late is second only to my passion for buying up ridiculous quantities of Tom Ford’s wares. Naturally, I’m not referring to men’s shoes in a liberal way. Where I’m at in life, the phrase refers to men’s shoes crafted so well that they exude not only quality but almost a sensuality. The sort of shoes that…

Manolo for Men

There’s no argument from me that Manolo Blahnik is absolutely the best known shoe maker in the world thanks to the girls from Sex and the City, and his heels for the girls are absolutely amazing. So it should be no surprise with the rise in men’s fashion that Manolo would soon be making shoes for the boys. According to UK Vogue the collection is…
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