Sneakers for the fashionable Olympics spectator

Yes Olympic fever (nowhere near as ghastly as Bieber fever) has hit’s London office. Finding the fashionable remedies hasn’t been quite as easy as you might think, however. Sure we brought you the best Olympic themed fashion photo shoot and followed up on the vintage Olympics theme by way of the John Smedley x Umbro recreation collection, but truly fashionable Olympic fusions have been few…

How to clean your white summer shoes

Bright white shoes are the epitome of Summer but if you’re anything like me, you tend to scuff up your white shoes pretty easily. Whether it be from grass stains from picnics or dirt from your backyard your shoes won’t stay pristine for long. While keeping your white shoes clean shouldn’t distract you from getting out there and enjoying the sun, here are some ways…

Ana Locking accessories from a time capsule

Ana Locking’s fall 2012 collection imagines a time capsule, buried in 1922 and opened in 2012. This mythical capsule forms the basis of a collection that ties twenties fashion with the now, evident in the silhouettes of Locking’s clothing – but also in the accompanying accessories. Shoes are moccasin style for both men and women; the heeled women’s versions with their leather tassles would fit…

Marni’s luxe shoes for fall

Complimenting Marni's sixties-inspired fall 2012 collection is a shoe range that spans man-style brogues to kabuki-soled platforms, reptile pumps to sturdy high-heeled sandals. After the break, a closer look at the quirky brand's footwear offering for fall.
Marni F/W '12 '13 shoe collection
Marni F/W '12 '13 shoe collection
Marni F/W '12 '13 shoe collection
Marni F/W '12 '13 shoe collection
Marni F/W '12 '13 shoe collection
Marni F/W '12 '13 shoe collection
Marni F/W '12 '13 shoe collection
Marni F/W '12 '13 shoe collection

Catwoman’s heels are both sexy and deadly

Catwoman as a character has a darkly sexy, fetishist appeal. The upcoming The Dark Knight Rises film looks to play to that in such a way that Anne Hathaway’s costuming could be the spark that ignites a host of tight leather spot fires across fashion. And the shoes? Razor sharp metal stilettos. We can’t help but wonder if this costume will give Hathaway’s Catwoman the…

8 styles of shoes to make a statement out of summer

It’s one of many ‘numbers’ you never want to share with the world. Age. Lovers. Shoes. It’s considered socially unacceptable to discuss many such numbers, and the latter in is included amongst them as a girl can never have enough shoes in her closet by to publicise a number is to appear gauche. Each season, we see styles change, heels evolve and the colour palette…

Accessorising Deco with Anna Dello Russo

An Art Deco inspired dress may have a vintage feel to it, but it’s not difficult to modernise the look away from the ’40s. At Gucci’s Milan fashion week show, Anna Dello Russo paired one of the house’s Deco-esque dresses with these: gold and python stilettos, the modern woman’s accessory for a decadent flapper look.

Jason Wu and the luxe fall shoe

If you remove the oriental inspirations and focus your attention on the pairs that curve a lick of red leather onto a black body, Jason Wu’s fall 2012 shoe collection might look a little like it’s playing in the same space as Prada’s hot rod heel. But that little hint of flame-like red is where the similarities end. Instead the exotic influences dominate with plush…

Tom Ford’s footwear opulence

With the attention to detail – nay, attention to luxury – that Tom Ford puts into every outfit, every lipstick, every fragrance, you know he’s not going to get to a woman’s feet and be neglectful. Hence, spring 2012 brings these Cinderella-worthy heels (some even with clear perspex wedged heels) that wrap the feet in unrepentant luxuriousness and secure them there with a velvet bow.…