How to pack for the long haul: carry on luggage

Long haul flights are bastard things, of this I can assure you. Having lived in Australia, I’ve become adept at such flights. And not the kind of long haul that sees one fly from London to New York, but rather the ‘across the world’ kind, Melbourne to London, 24 hours sat in the same seat. 24 hours where you run the risk of being the…

Italy’s vintage sunglasses treasure trove – and why you need to visit it

Great pairs of sunglasses are few and far between. Sure there are some nice styles out there but, for the most part, all the quality sunglasses you’re ever likely to own are made by one company. So while most of us desire to be anything but generic, the glasses which adorn our faces usually are. Hence the rise of elaborate, artisanal sunglasses – an ocular…

8 gorgeous vintage travel posters: Roger Broders

Roger Broders had a pretty good job, one imagines; paid by the Paris Lyon Mediteranée rail company to travel from the glamorous resorts of the French Riviera to the ski resorts of the Alps, painting the landscapes and holiday-goers into vibrant travel posters. The Parisian-born illustrator captured the luxury and excitement of travel as we imagine it between the 1920s and ’30s. Now some of…

Fashion and Israel: thoughts and a photo diary. Part 1

Fashion is about more than just the cut of cloth. It's something that's alive, something that's just as much about clothing as it is about how we feel and what do we when we wear it. Thus to understand fashion can be to understand cultures and subcultures; great designers fuse their cultural outlook into their creations, those with a great sense of style dress for the destination. Fashion has given us all an understanding of the cultures of Milan and Paris. But what of the places that don't feature so dominantly on the fashion map? In the first part of a series, heads to Israel to take in its cities, its people and its clothing.

London cafe scene: Workshop Coffee Co

Who said you couldn't find excellent coffee in London? Workshop Coffee Company know how to roast beans and how to get the vibe right. While their smaller, drop-in Marylebone shop sticks to fuelling the city population with coffee, the Clerkenwell space is also a go-to for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Silo by Joost: sustainable cafe, Melbourne

What does it mean for a cafe to be sustainable? Silo by Joost is creating its own definition, making dreams a reality with its no-waste, sustainable and eco-friendly philosophy. It may be just a dot on the Melbourne map but this unique and inspiring cafe is making the right kind of waves. Find out more after the break.