London cafe scene: Workshop Coffee Co

Who said you couldn't find excellent coffee in London? Workshop Coffee Company know how to roast beans and how to get the vibe right. While their smaller, drop-in Marylebone shop sticks to fuelling the city population with coffee, the Clerkenwell space is also a go-to for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Silo by Joost: sustainable cafe, Melbourne

What does it mean for a cafe to be sustainable? Silo by Joost is creating its own definition, making dreams a reality with its no-waste, sustainable and eco-friendly philosophy. It may be just a dot on the Melbourne map but this unique and inspiring cafe is making the right kind of waves. Find out more after the break.

The best way to pack for a summer getaway

The heat has set in and it’s definitely time for a quick vacation. We all love a little getaway to a sunny beach with minty cocktails and a beautiful aqua sea – but let’s not burst that bubble by packing inappropriately. Packing light and still having stylish outfits with you for a short getaway might sound overwhelming, like something that could suck the fun out…

Sydney bar scene: Eau de Vie

Sydney bar Eau de Vie is all about the cocktails. A place to go if you want to take your time experimenting with different drinks and getting to know your bartender well, it may be well hidden but it's worth the hunt. Warm, classic, and nostalgic, Eau de Vie is one of Sydney's well-kept secrets.

London cafe scene: Monmouth Coffee Company

The name doesn't lie: Monmouth Coffee Company is all about the coffee. There may be a wait to get your single-origin roast, but you know what they say about all good things... Nestled in Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, this coffee haven is worth a visit. Read more after the break.

Sydney cafe scene: Gertrude & Alice

Named after Gertrude Stein and Alice Tolkas, Gertrude & Alice is a haven for book lovers and foodies alike. A relaxed hybrid of bookstore and cafe, it wins for its ambiance and creativity above all else. Read the full review after the break.

Melbourne restaurant scene: Huxtable

"Life is too short for mediocrity in the mouth," says Huxtable owner and Chef, Daniel Wilson. And quite rightly, mediocrity is not what you'll find at this stellar Fitzroy eatery. Engaging, welcoming, and built around the simple philosophy of fantastic food to be shared with special people, Huxtable just may leave you on a high.

Sydney bar scene: The Baxter Inn

Nestled off an unmarked alleyway in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, The Baxter Inn is like a warm hug on a chilly day. The jazz age vibe bounces off the brick walls and flows through the speakers - but with over 300 varieties of whiskeys available, there's more to captivate your attention that the music. Read on for the full review.

Melbourne cafe scene: Chez Dre

The pastries are out of this world, but Chez Dre is more than just a patisserie. With oodles of character and outstanding food and coffee to match, this off-the-track cafe in Coventry Street, South Melbourne, is worth a visit.

5 places to shop: Hong Kong

Hong Kong's glittering department stores and alleyway boutiques are catnip to the shopaholic. Whether you're hunting bargains or stocking up on luxury purchases from the world's top brands, it's all there - you just have to know where to go. Read on for 5 top shopping destinations in Hong Kong.