A classic suit may be forever; but suits can also be brought up-to-date with a few easy wardrobe tricks. Here are ten of the hottest ways to make your work-wear more interesting, right now:

1. Take an oversized suit jacket and wear it as a mini-dress. Take a long or oversized jacket, put it over an equally-oversized singlet or shirt; add opaque tights, some sexy pumps and there you have it! If the jacket isn’t quite long enough to be worn as a dress, add a super-short, super-tight black miniskirt.

2. Try it with wide-leg, high-waist pants. Tuck in a shirt or tee, add a great belt. This won’t be suited to everybody, but can certainly work if done right.

Mary-Kate Olsen wears wide-leg pants

3. Add a vest and make it a three-piece. Wear all three matching, or contrast one of the pieces against the other two.

4. Contrast tailored and flowing. Take a flowing, feminine skirt or dress and contrast with a sharp suit jacket.

5. Wear it with a cropped swing jacket. Rather than a traditional tailored suit jacket, add a current style swing jacket.

6. Add some super, super skinny drainpipes. You heard me. Remember though, if the bottoms are tight-fitting, go with a more loosely cut top.

Kate Moss in fitted drainpipes and a suit jacket

7. Throw in some sparkle. Take your classic black suit and wear with some sparkle, sequins or metallics.

8. Make your own alterations. Get out an old suit and customise it yourself – try changing the buttons (try vintage military buttons, for example), adding some brooches or badges, adding trim to the pockets or getting a tailor to alter the fit or cut.

9. Ditch the shirt and wear a vintage tee instead. Ok, so it’s been around a while… just make it sleek, not too grungy.

10. Accessorise. There are endless possibilities when it comes to accessories – so no real excuse to look boring for work ever again!!

Another option is the Blazer, as worn by Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada

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