For fall 2014 we witnessed the 1960s fashion gradually growing up, going from bold, colourful and plain whimsical to looking polished and refined, its colour palette getting slightly more subdued, its defining silhouettes becoming more minimal and decidedly more sophisticated. If back in 2011 the 1960s swing was merely an accent, it didn’t took all that long for its revival to undergo a steady evolution. From mod, to folk and sex kitten inspiration, the past seasons were all about rediscovering the playful elements of the highly acclaimed decade.

For fashion in fall 2014 the spotlight falls on a transitional mod aesthetic, as reenvisioned for the modern-day woman by power houses like Gucci, Miu Miu, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton. This season’s take on the ’60s is more about conveying an attitude rather than a full-on theme, the look a mix of retro and contemporary elements meant to come across effortless and rather pragmatic.

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Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14
Retro love: F/W '14

1960s fashion for fall 2014.

The 1960s influences wouldn’t have made for much of an evolving process if they would have remained unaffected and undeveloped over the past couple of years. And seeing how progress is often dictated by the most significant of the subtle details, here are the main elements expected to define the mod aesthetic in the fall of 2014:

  • Luxe leather, gifting the ’60s silhouettes with a contemporary, daytime edge; expect the solid fabric to be shaping up anything in between frill-fronted shirts and A-line dresses, swingy skirts and boxy overcoats;
  • Touches of fur, making the mod silhouettes ready for fall and winter; seek them adorning mini shift dresses and swing outerwear alike, or go for the full statement and invest in a soft-hued furry coat this season.

1960s fashion fall 2014
1960s fashion at Gucci and DSquared2, F/W ’14

  • Dusty pastels, keeping the volume down for fall and winter; if bright oranges, yellows and greens described the ’60s fashion back in the spring of 2013, it’s the dusted-down pinks, blues and greens to define the sixties-mod for fall 2014.
  • In that being said, you can still opt for brighter hues to accompany your choice of 1960s silhouettes, seeing how cobalt blue, mustard yellow, emerald green and fuchsia pink tones were also spotted on the fall 2014 runways.

1960s fashion fall 2014
1960s fashion at Gucci and Valentino, F/W ’14

  • Crystal-embroideries, or any other kind of opulent embellishments for that matter, representing perhaps the biggest shift in mod-attitude for fall 2014; intended for day, cocktail-hour and after dark as well, the bejeweled theme carried through from the boxy silhouettes, all the way to the choice of ’60s-inspiredaccessories.

1960s fashion fall 2014
1960s fashion at Miu Miu and Saint Laurent, F/W ’14

  • Leopard prints, replacing the black and white cliches of sixties Op Art; used at large-scaled and toned-down with classic tones of black, the animal print is one of the main elements to tie the old with the new, transforming the retro silhouettes into sheer statements of now.

1960s fashion fall 2014

’60s fashion: key styles.

Aside from gaining relevance from its defining elements made ultra-modern for autumn 2014, the ’60s fashion was also drawn out anew with a few key looks/styles that caused the decade to be far easier to interpret and thus to be made your own. You can choose to wear the mod silhouettes by going:

  • Minimal. Here is where you will be able to make the most out of your pastel peacoats, sleek A-line dresses, cozy turtlenecks and high-waisted pants. Focus on cut, colour and texture, and give up on any sign of embellishment, or print.
  • Sporty. Focus on swingy leather skirt and high-waisted jackets adorned with zippers, rivets, and leather trims. Keep the looks laid-back, functional and cool by mixing the more casual with the more formal of the ’60s inspired garments.

1960s fashion fall 2014
1960s fashion at Gucci and Louis Vuitton, F/W ’14

  • Rock & roll. For and edgier take on the swinging ’60s opt for trapeze silhouettes in dark shades to be worn with black tights and crystal-covered Mary Janes, alongside sequined shifts, lame tops and tight, high-waisted leather pants.
  • Folk. Romantic and soft, the silhouettes borrowing inspiration from the Italian Pop art from the 1960s are the ones making the folk influences kind of hard to resist. Recreate the mood with graphic prints, shirt-collar dresses, embroidered tulle gowns, bibbed blouses and patterned midi skirts.

1960s fashion fall 2014
1960s fashion at Saint Laurent and Valentino, F/W ’14

This season you can also take the ’60s fashion and use it to revamp your signature aesthetic. Go for glitzy embellishments, short hemlines, dusted-off pastels and body-hugging silhouettes to allow your inner ’60s sex kitten to break through. For a dandier interpretation of the ’60s stick with basic turtlenecks, wool blazers, high-waisted trousers and black leather ankle boots.

1960s fashion fall 2014
1960s fashion at DSquared2 and Saint Laurent, F/W ’14

Mod beauty for fall 2014.

Going hand in hand with the swinging fashion, the mod beauty was also revived on the fall 2014 runways, as if to make the ’60s look complete and replete with gorgeousness. In terms of hair you can’t go wrong wrong with:

  • a soft hairstyle based on just a hint of volume that you can always reinvent by simply tucking it in;
  • messy, textured waves that look even better when rounded-off with blunt bangs;
  • half-up, half-down hair do’s bearing a slight undone feel.

In terms of make-up, the severe cat-eyes, the full, long lashes (top and bottom), and the sultry pouts reigned supreme once again on the fall 2014 runways.

1960s fashion fall 2014
Mod beauty at Nina Ricci, Saint Laurent and Gucci, F/W ’14

’60s fashion trend: updates


1960s elements: in detail

1960s hairstyles

1960s hairstyles

To sport the 1960s fashion trend in all its glory, there’s nothing quite like the right hairstyle to go with it. From bold bouffants to sex kitten bed hair, taking inspiration from the era is key. Read about the different 1960s hairstyles and how to get them at that link.

brigitte bardot hair

Half up Brigitte Bardot hair

To pinpoint a particular ’60s inspired hairstyle that never really dates, we’d have to go for this Brigitte Bardot bouffant hairstyle – half up, half out and as sexy or as sleek as you want to make it – is one that sits perfectly with the year’s fashions. This is a modern, understated take that will suit day or night.

colored eyeliner beauty look

60s beauty: coloured liquid liner

This makeup look is the perfect way to make any outfit pop, be it a simple black shift dress or an ensemble swirling with 60s colour. Use a bright, bold liquid colour to line the eye and a contrasting pop of colour on the lips. Follow the full color eyeliner how-to at that link.

how to: rag and bone's graphic retro eye makeup

How to: Rag and Bone's graphic retro eye makeup

Rag & Bone gave us this retro-inspired beauty look: simple and fresh with just a line of bold, graphic, liner. It's not only striking, but so easy to do. Read the graphic retro eye makeup tutorial at that link.

london look beauty

London Look: beauty trend

The icons of British beauty in the ’60s serve as inspiration for the new London Look, served with a modern twist. With a focus on eyes that are wide and full of depth, lips faded into the dewy-skinned background. This look is iconic and ripe for your wearing regardless of seasons. For more details on the London Look and how to achieve it, follow that link.

cateye glasses

Cat eye sunglasses

With the warmer weather comes the need to update your sunglasses collection with a new and on-trend style. The best accompaniment to a vintage-inspired look is a shape that screams ’50s/’60s glamour. From the very subtle to the extreme, click to read about the cat eye glasses trend.

1960s fashion: defining elements for spring 2013

Since last spring a lot of the 1960s fashion trend aspects have slowly progressed, however some elements remained pretty much unaltered. Before refreshing your wardrobe here’s what you should look for:

  • Short hems and A-line silhouettes
  • Bright colours and block colours, sweet pastels and lively prints
  • Contrasting piping

1960s fashion at Fay S/S ’13 and Kate Spade S/S ’13

  • Graphic black and white patterns like checkerboard prints and funky stripes
  • Fabrics like lace, tweed, patent leather and sequins
  • Boxy cuts and clean, minimal lines

1960s fashion at Louis Vuiton S/S ’13 and Moschino S/S ’13

Mod fashion: powerful accessories

Everything in between a shift dress, an ultra-short miniskirt, a lady-like coat or a structured jacket represents the trend in all of its glory. But alongside the fun prints and the signature cuts, the essence of this season’s take on the ’60s lies in the powerful styling. Loud at times, subtle at others, the accessories play a huge role in complementing your look so keep an eye out for:

  • Kitten heels, pointed pumps, flat ankle boots and patent Mary Janes
  • Bold sunglasses, either round, cat-eyes or multicolored
  • Satchel handbags, small box bags and whimsical clutches
  • Colorful bangles, exaggerated bowlers, white gloves and retro statement earrings

1960s accessories at Moschino S/S ’13, Louis Vuitton S/S ’13 and Marc Jacobs S/S ’13

1960s fashion: the beauty look

If you plan on making the most of the trend and style your outfit considering even the smallest of details, the beauty look is equally significant. This season is all about 60s inspired hairstyles like bed hair, sexy bouffants and subtle renderings of beehives accented by cute headbands. When it comes to make-up, the focus falls less on the black eyeliner and more on the eye-shadow. From fierce smoky eyes and tangerine lips, to dashes of white eyeliner and kohl rimmed eyes, everything serves to highlight your strong points.

1960s inspired beauty look at Marc Jacobs S/S ’13

Complementary trends

If you want to look fashionable, rock the 1960s fashion but also throw bits and pieces of other trends into the mix, the easiest way to do it this season is by sporting black and white prints on 60s inspired silhouettes. During summer, bet on sweet pinafore dresses to capture the mod essence and if you feel like going bold on colour opt for hues like bright orange.

Black & white pattern on the runway at Michael Kors S/S ’13

60s fashion: trend evolution

Each decade of the 20th century is prone to being defined by its fashions; and for each of those decades is a cycle of revival inevitable.

Some decades are revived in distinctive fits and starts, like the 80s returning in a burst of irony that made good on its promise; others, like the 60s, linger never too far out of reach. So while tousling up your sexiest bed hair and pulling on your teeniest mini may always be an option, it was really in 2011 and 2012 that the swinging 60s vibe got properly injected back into our wardrobes.

60s fashionMod 60s revival dress at Burberry Prorsum AW11

The fall 2011 runways, when they fit to a particular decade, strutted mostly down a glamorous 1970s path. The 1930s were also fairly well represented. And then, amidst it all, a few key designers of influence were marching to the ’60s drum.

Burberry Prorsum’s bright block coloured coats and structured short-hemmed dresses hit a swinging London note. Miuccia Prada worked together flapper chic and 60s mod into graphic pleated tunics and Mary-Jane heels. Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and Marni also dabbled in the trend.

60s fashionPrada’s AW11 campaign

60s fashion for spring 2012

While the sixties fashion themes took root in fall 2011, they weren’t dead and buried by spring. Having found their way into numerous editorials, we then saw the trend filter onto the spring 2012 runways.

60s fashion spring 2012’60s fashion for spring: Alice & Olivia SS12

1960s fashion looks

Without getting too pedantic on historical accuracy, we broke up the era into three key looks.

karlie kloss 60s trendA ’60s Karlie Kloss in Vogue Japan

’60s mod fashion

Who could forget the long legs and short hems of Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton? Or the iconic designs of Mary Quant? We’ve been looking to these icons for an update on a mod look, with elements like:

  • Wide eyes curtained by big false lashes (top and bottom).
  • Bright block colours.
  • Graphic prints and colourful abstract geometric patterns.
  • Short, boyish hairstyles.
  • Masculine flat shoes like penny loafers.
  • For fall, swing coats and capes.

60s fashion colour blocking60s-inspired outerwear at Burberry Prorsum AW11

’60s folk fashion

Softer and sexier than a mod look, a folkish sixties look is free spirited with a Parisian twist. The icons? Look to the likes of Jane Birkin and Francois Hardy for inspiration.

  • Anything made out of lace, especially structured heavier lace pieces.
  • Peter-pan collars.
  • Ultra-short hemlines. Low-slung belts.
  • Monochrome instead of colour: plenty of white, cream, black.
  • Effortless sexiness with unfussy hair and winged-out eyeliner.

60s fashionLace soft sixties-style dress at Valentino, Resort ’12

’60s sex kitten

The opposite of the androgynous mod, the sex kitten is another ’60s era cliche that was strong last spring. Think any of the era’s stunning screen stars: Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Ann Margaret, Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor. Though spring 2013 is all about the mod, the sex kitten never really dates, so you can always try:

  • Cuts that draw in the waist, accentuating the bust and hips. It’s all about the curves.
  • Full circle skirts or slim pencil skirts, or cropped pants with high waists.
  • Bed hair. Try a softer, modern update on Brigitte Bardot hair, or go all out bouffant. Just make it count.
  • A sultry pout; long lashes and plenty of eyeliner.

jayson brunsdon ss10/11Jayson Brunsdon 60s spring dress

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