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Fashion Trends 2008: A new year heralds new fashion trends, but deciphering the good from the bad, and 2008’s new look from a 2007 has-been, is never an easy thing.

So Fashionising.com has done all the leg work for you. Browsing thousands of photos and studying hundreds of hours of catwalk footage, we’ve put together a list of 2008’s biggest fashion trends and we’ve thrown in hair and beauty trends to boot. But of course, we won’t be leaving it there. Throughout 2008 we’ll be updating all our trend bibles to reflect trends which have emerged not from the catwalk, but from the street – they’re always the most popular.

Fashion Trends 2008

Key Trends in 2008

Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2008 Fashion Trends

Autumn Fall Winter Clothing Fashion Trends 2008 2009 What’s in store for the colder months of Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2008/2009? From feathers to foho, and boho to square-toe, add in the right hair styles and you’ll be looking your best while everyone else looks as drab as the weather. Click to read our Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2008/2009 fashion trends guide.

Spring-Summer 2008 Fashion Trends: Women’s

2008 Spring to Summer women's fashion trendsThe days get hotter, the clothes thinner, and the hem lines shorter. But while Spring and Summer always have such constants what does the Spring-Summer 2008 period hold in store? What will fashion trends will girls be wearing? Find out the key Spring and Summer pieces you should be investing in, those you should be avoiding, the key looks, and the designers making them. Click here to read more on 2008’s Spring-Summer fashion trends for women.

Hair trends for 2008: styles, colors and cuts

2008 hair trends - styles, colours and cutsWhat sort of exciting hair trends will 2008 hold? Well if you bothered to read our awesome predictions, you’d know that by now! The crop, the bob, the fringe are all working their way into the year’s trends, while hair styles include soft and feminine and elegant side parts. Click the image to visit the article and find out all of 2008’s hair trends in styles, cuts and colours. Click here to read more on hair style and colour trends in 2008.

Beauty & Makeup trends for 2008

2008 makeup, cosmetics and beauty trendsDark eyes may never go out of style, but natural beauty is a sure winner in 2008. Lip colours span a full pallet of nudes to pinks to tangerines to reds and blacks, while bronzed goddess cheeks give way to blushing pastels. Elements of the classic screen siren fine their way into the beauty trends while colour re-emerges as bright and bold. Click here to read more on make-up & beauty trends in 2008.

Spring-Summer 2008’s Must Have Shoe

2008 footwear and shoe trendsWho would have thought that Spring-Summer 2008 trends could be summed up by just one piece of footwear? Not us! When we first spotted the gladiator sandal in 2007 we weren’t even sure that it would be popular in 2008. But her it is, with its spin-offs such as the gladiator heel. So are you wearing the gladiator shoe trend? It’s Spring-Summer 2008’s must wear look!

Boot and Shoe Trends for 2008

2008 footwear and shoe trendsStiletto or chunky heels? Square, round, or pointed toes? 2008’s shoe trends bring many variations into the mix, along with styles like lace-ups, over-the-knee boots, mary-janes and more. Find out what’s been hot on the runways when it comes to shoes; what the major influences are; and where things are heading in the footwear department. Click here to read more on footwear and shoe trends in 2008.

Sunglasses & Spectacle Trends 2008

2008 Glasses TrendsThe past few years have seen a massive increase in the popularity of sunglasses. Thank you Anna Wintour for wearing them indoors, now we’re all doing so. But which styles should we be wearing in 2008? Are aviators still in, and have oversized sunglasses done their dash? And what styles are new to 2008? Click here to read find out about 2008’s sunglasses trends.

Jewelry Trends 2008

2008 Jewellery TrendsWhat are our jewellery trend predictions for 2008? The bigger and bolder, the better! Peruse our guide on the top 5 jewellery pieces to invest in, and be expecting to find lots of unique exotic jewels, quirky animal motifs, and classically feminine diamonds listed. Just let’s not wear them all at once… Oh to hell with it! As long as you leave the boring stuff at home who really cares? Click here to read more on 2008’s jewellery trends.

Individual Looks

Art Deco fashion trend

Art Deco fashion trend 2008
From the 1930s inspired suiting of Marc Jacobs to the glamorous geometric design dresses of Ellie Saab, Art Deco was a subtle thread running through the styles of 2007. And in 2008 the dirty thirties are back (helped somewhat by Keira Knightley’s fashion in Atonement) and the Art Deco elements along with them. Girls, get out your wide-leg pants, red lipstick and airs of nonchalance! Click here to read more on 2008’s Art Deco revival trend.

See-through and sheer fabrics trend

Sheer fabric fashion trend 2008
Sheer fabrics are back with a vengeance… and a new level of sophistication. 2008’s sheer pieces are structured yet soft, sexy yet sweet, feminine with a blunt edge. Dior, Chloe and Chanel are some of the big fashion houses leading the way in the see-through stakes – and it’s not just blouses we’re talking about but skirts and pants as well. Click here to read more on the see-through/sheer/nude 2008 fashion trend.

Underwear as Outerwear trend

Underwear as outerwear fashion trend of 2008
A close relative of the sheer trend, lingerie-inspired garments are making it big in 2008. Less vampish than previous corsetry based trends, in 2008 it’s all about delicate fabrics, colour (be it jewel bright or soft pastel) and texture (lace, ruffles). Don’t feel that the whole ensemble has to be perfectly girly though – this is the time to mix it up and be creative with clashing your elegant boudoir chic with your rock-star accessories. Click here to read more on wearing your lingerie and underwear as outerwear in 2008.

1920’s flapper fashion: 2008 trend

Flapper fashion trend of 2008The original 1920s flapper girl was considered brazen, independent, provocative and free. Social norms have changed so much since then, that the 2008 flapper fashion revival will be seen as somewhat more feminine and sophisticated. So what does this revival hold? Read the article to find out. Click here to read more on 2008’s flapper/1920s revival.

Accentuated shoulders trend

Padded shoulder trend of 2008
In 2008 short sleeves on garments will take a new turn. Shoulders will be empahsised in a modern way, from the pointed capped sleeves of YSL to the high rounded shoulders of Balenciaga. Unlike the oversized shoulder-padded power suits of the 1980’s the new silhouette is streamlined and feminine. Are you daring enough to wear this trend? Click here to read more on the accentuated shoulders trend in 2008.

Fur trend of 2008

Fur fashion trend In 2007 we watched with interest how many celebrities jumped on the fur-trend bandwagon… despite the best efforts of groups like PETA to discourage the wearing of fur (real or faux). In 2008 this trend is definitely set to continue – most recently seen in the pre-Fall 2008 womenswear collections. Click here to read more on the 2008 fur trend.

Tuxedo / Dinner Jacket trend for women

2008 tuxedo / dinner jacket trend for women
While women wearing men’s clothing is nothing new to fashion, 2008 will see women wearing men’s dinner suits perfectly on trend. More commonly known as a tuxedo, the look has been pushed by many a designer all with different interpretation; Anne Demeulemeester have created a Regency look, while Miu Miu are relying on a softer interpretation. Click here to read more on women wearing a dinner jackets.

Tuxedo / Dinner Jacket trend for men

2008 tuxedo / dinner jacket trend for men
The death of the dress code factors in on the new wave of tuxedo dressing for men. Pairing dinner and tuxedo jackets with more casual elements is not unusual for 2008, though if you’re looking to pick one up a timeless cut will last forever. Click here to read more on men’s tuxedos and dinner jackets, and how to wear them.

Wide-leg and flared pants trend

Wide-leg pants trend of 2008
If you’re over skinny, you’ll be pleased to hear that wide-legs are on the rise. With the art deco trend playing such a large role in 2008, it’s no wonder the wide-leg pant is back. Work it like a 1940s starlet – whether casual denim or pant-suit. Click here to read more on 2008’s wide/flared leg trend.

Star motif: 2008 trend

Star motif 2008 fashion trend
What is it about stars? Is it the sense of wonder and magic that comes with staring up at a clear night sky? The reminiscence of childhood innocence? Whatever the reason, stars were a continued theme in the 2008 runways. From clothing prints to jewelry to accessories, look out for stars as a trend in 2008. Click here to read more on the 2008 star trend.

Single-Shoulders / Asymmetry

Single shoulder 2008 fashion trend
From toga-style dresses to tops to bikinis – asymmetric shoulder-lines have made a huge return in 2008-2009. Revealing a single shoulder in a dress can be subtly sexy and interesting on the eye – and the possibilities for how to wear it are numerous. Click here to read more on the asymmetric / single shoulder trend.

Other’s Predictions

Trend predictions from Tobe

Tobe predict trends for 2008Retail and fashion forecasters Tobe have their own predictions about the fashion trends 2008 will hold. Sheer fabric makes their list as well as ours, while sneakers and scarves are some of the more obvious of predictions. Find out what else they’re forecasting for the year.

Beyond 2008

2011 Fashion Trends

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Credit: Many thanks to Daniella Zalcman and Alexander Azarov for some of the photos used to promote the Fashion Trends 2008 bible.

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