Retail and fashion forecasters Tobe have released a sneak peak at their January report into the fashion trends of 2008. Their top 5 picks for 2008 might surprise you, as they’re not all threads you can wear.


  1. The Scarf – a staple for so many for so long, Tobe are correctly highlighting that the scarf will be massive in 2008. True, this isn’t a new trend as the scarf featured heavily in 2007 and after we all made investments in the look we weren’t going to simply throw it to the back of our wardrobe so soon.
  2. Sneakers – a bit of a no brainer really. Sneakers are going to be in, and like the scarf they’re going to stay in. But after such mass hype in 2007 is tipping that quite a few of the people who made sneakers a 2007 trend are going to be dropping them in 2008. Of course, the mass market will still be playing catch up, but the real hipsters will have moved on.
  3. See through clothing. This one had to happen. Nudity had to hit the streets. Sure, it might make your grandmother blush but that’s not going to stop see-through, nearly naked looks from being a big trend of 2008. So popular has the trend been from the catwalk (Marc Jacobs and Jil Sander pushed it) that we’re going to see the likes of H&M and Zara also carrying it.
  4. Industrial Fabrics – move over cotton, high-tech fabrics are here. Imagine a t-shirt that can repel stains and body odour. Even with a US$200 price tag, you know that such tees by Established 1887 are going to be a big seller. Look for more classic, less faddish incarnations of the industrial fabrcis in your wardrobe too, such as a rubberised trench coat from Burberry.
  5. Cool Fashion Stores. We all have our favourite boutique, and it usually holds such precedence because it does something different. Tobe is tipping that in 2008 we fashion lovers are going to move from the shopping centre to the cool ‘destinations’ on the high street. But what will make them destinations? Their mixture of fashion boutique and lifestyle venue, mixing in anything from lounges to nail salons. Magnation have a similar model, mixing a magazine shop with a coffee shop. Increasingly fashion stores will be doing the same.

Fashion Trends 2008

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