2010 hair trends: women’s hairstyles, colors, cuts

The start of a new year marks the opportunity for redefining one’s outlook on the next 12 months. And what better way to do it then through a new hair cut, hair style, or hair colour?

Read on to discover all of 2010′s hair trends, hair style trends, and hair colour trends. And don’t forget, if you’d like to keep up to date with all of 2010′s hair trends and 2010 fashion trends to subscribe to our fashion newsletter or RSS feed.

2010 hair trends

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Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010
Women's hair inspiration pictures for 2010

2010 hair styles for women

2010 hairstyle trends will feature a lot of new looks: there are the new hair trend heavily influenced by the recent Spring 2010 catwalks, and there are the reworkings and evolutions of last year’s hair trends. Below are Fashionising.com’s top picks for hair styles in 2010, with seasonal styles alongside looks for hair from short to long. For more on hair cut trends keep reading.

2011 trends

Side braid hair style

If there is one hairstyle trend in 2010 that has capture most everyone’s imagination this is it. A hair trend for those with longer hair, the side braid was on the catwalk one day and a trend on the streets the next day. Follow the link to find out more, including inspiration and styling pictures.

Long waved hair inspired by the 1940s

Having appeared on our radar in 2009, 1940s hair styles will continue as an inspiration for women’s hairstyles in 2010. As it was last year this hair trend is again inspired by the late 40s and, to a lesser degree, the early 1950s.

  • Waves should be firm but not curly
  • Suitable for all hair colours, though less effective on black hair
  • Wear it with an off-centre or side part, not a centre part
  • Length wise, it must fall below the shoulders
  • Pair with classic make-up and styling
  • Inspired by film noir, confidence and sexual innuendo go hand in hand with 1940s wavey hair
  • Suitable both for the Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2010 and Spring / Summer 2010 seasons

1940s hair style
1940s wave hairstyle on the catwalk of Christian Dior Spring 2010

For more inspiration pictures of long waved hair, click on the thumbnails in our 2010 hair trends pictures gallery below and browse through.

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Long hair inspired by the 1970s

There are two 20th century fashion revivals happening in 2010. The 1940s revival gives us the 1940s hair style above, while the 1970s influence upon 2010 gives us two distinct hairstyle trends.

Straight long hair, naturally styled

  • Slickly styled, but not so slick that it feels overly styled or straightened
  • Should be voluminous
  • Predominantly styled on the Spring 2010 catwalks with a side part, but will work equally as well with a centre part
  • Definitely a style tha works for super-long hair, i.e. hair that falls to the midriff
  • Suitable both for the Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2010 and Spring / Summer 2010 seasons

long naturally styled hair
70s inspired long hair at Anna Sui Spring 2010

1970′s inspired flowing texture

  • Different from the waved hairstyle inspired by the 1940s, this flowing, textured, (and sometimes) waved hairstyle trend in 2010 relies instead on natural-looking waves that border on bed hair
  • Suitable with both a centre part and an off-centre part
  • As with straight and naturally styled long hair, flowing waves also work well when very long
  • Best suited to the Spring 2010 / Summer 2010 season

natural waves
1970s inspired, textured hair at Chloe Spring 2010

For pictures of 1970′s inspired hair for 2010, visit our hair trends 2010 picture gallery below.

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Slicked / Gelled Hairstyles

If there’s a 2010 hairstyle that screams attitude in 2010 it’s slicked hair. Perfect for the younger set, there are three slicked hairstyles to try out in 2010.

The Slicked Back

Slicked back with gel, with fingers or a wide toothed comb providing the texture, 2010′s slicked back hairstyle mixes hair slicked back across the top of the head with textured length. Though we’ve seen a dry, heavily brushed texturing for the length, avoid it and stick to a wet look as seen on Alexander Wang and Thakoon’s Spring 2010 catwalks.

slicked back hair
Slicked-back hair at Alexander Wang Spring 2010

The Slicked Side

The perfect alternative to 2009′s half-shaved head hairstyle, the side slick is the strongest of the three slicked hairstyle trends for 2010. All attitude, it marries an overall wet and tousled look with a side part.

wet look hairstyle
Slicked-side hair style at Roberto Cavalli Spring 2010
Note that the top of the head doesn’t have to be slicked as well for this 2010 hair trend

  • Style it in much the same vein as 2010′s braided hair trend, with a wide braid and a side swept fringe, for maximum effect.
  • If braided hair is not your thing, experiment. What’s great with the side slicked hairstyle is that it can be worn with a plethora of haircuts, be they short or long.

For pictures of slicked hair for 2010, visit our 2010 hair trends picture gallery below.

As for the third slicked hairstyle in 2010? Read on.

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Masculine / androgynous slicked hair

The slicked side becomes the slicked all-over for this masculine take on a wet look hairstyle in 2010, this is a hair trend that also perfectly suits one of the year’s fashion trends: the female dandy.

freja beha erichsen hair
Masculine hair on Freja Beha Erichsen at Gucci Spring 2010

  • A hairstyle trend that’ll work great for short hair cuts in 2010
  • Don’t be scared of any sexual orientation connotations that might be raised with this hair style
  • Look to men’s hair styling products, but not the heavy waxes and pomades. Rather, invest in a tub of Brylcreem
  • Strongly define the line of the part, and wear it as far to the side as is suitable for your face shape

For more pictures of ‘man style’ hair for 2010 visit the hair trends 2010 picture gallery below.

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Hair buns, chignons, and hair twists

Amongst hairstyles every year there is always at least one ‘up-do’. And for 2010 it’s no different. Gone are the tacky interpretations, instead this year’s up-dos (four no less) will all embody elegance without erring on the side of caution.

The chignon

Originating from the French “chignon du cou” (which means “nape of the neck”), a chignon is an elegant low bun or twist that sits at the nape of the neck.

Messy chignon
Textured chignon hairstyle at Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2010

  • In 2010 the traditional neat chignon is an easy and chic style for day or night
  • Avoid the over-styled, over-hairsprayed wedding look. Even a sleek, tidy chignon should feel natural and sophisticated
  • For a fresh 2010 take on the chignon, try a highly textured low bun like those seen on Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 2010 catwalk. Rough pieces of hair are pinned in place for a messy, textured look
  • Another unique version was seen at Carolina Herrera’s Spring 2010 show – low chignons were entwined with strands of silver and bronze beads for an embellished effect. More pictures of the runway looks can be found in the inspiration gallery below

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The top knot

Popular on the street in 2009, the top knot conveys a young and playful look. In 2010 topknots are best in two forms: the sleek and the messy top knot.

  • Sleek top knots are tidy buns that sit right at the top of the head, like those seen at Marc Jacobs and Nina Ricci for Spring 2010 (see pictures in the inspiration gallery below)
  • Sleek top knots best sit dead centre of the head, but can also work slightly off to the side
  • These types of topknots work best on straight hair
  • Hair should be neatly brushed upward and slicked into place; then the top knot twisted around neatly and fastened
  • The sleek top knot works well in an elegant ballerina-esque way – so in 2010 don’t be afraid to add a ribbon or some embellished clips to accentuate the femininity of the style
  • You can also try plaiting the hair first, then twisting it into a top knot, for another variation on the look

top knot hairstyle
Sleek top knot at Marc Jacobs Spring 2010

  • For a messy top knot, sweep the hair up and fasten haphazardly. The effect is one of nonchalance and effortlessness.
  • On the Spring 2010 runways we saw a more elegant take on the messy top knot: rather than a messy bun hair is loosely wound around and piled on top of the head for a birds-nest look that’s Hitchcock heroine meets modern-day bedhair. Look to Lanvin, Fendi, and YSL for the perfect examples – you can find pictures in the inspiration gallery below
  • Volume is key: teasing and hairspray will help create the look
  • Works well with hair that has some soft waves and texture to it
  • Works best on hair with subtle highlights and lowlights – raven black or rich brunette colours can be too blockish

Messy top knot hairstyle
Messy top knot at Lanvin Spring 2010

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Twists & rope braids

  • In 2010 the classic French Twist is great when disheveled, as yet another chic yet carelessly thrown together look
  • Twist hairstyles can also take the form of strands of hair twisted and then pinned to create interesting shapes
  • Rope twists, or rope braids, have also sprung up as another new style for Spring 2010. Seen on the runways of Matthew Williamson, Zac Posen (whose ponytail twists were woven through with neon colours), and Antonio Berardi
  • This style is simply achieved by twisting two strands of hair, then winding the strands around each other to form a ‘rope’
  • Rope braids can be left to cascade down the shoulder much like the side braid above; tied up into buns; or twisted around the head like a milkmaid braid
  • Rope twists work well on any hair colour, but are most effective when hair is straight and long

rope braid
Rope braid at Zac Posen Spring 2010

For all the pictures of hairstyles for 2010 visit the picture gallery below.

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Hair color trends: 2010

With so much attention paid to hair styles and hair cuts, hair colour is often looked at last. But that’s not to say that hair colour trends don’t exist. On the contrary, there’ll be three ‘on trend’ hair colours in 2010 (we’ll be writing about the third shortly, so be sure to join our fashion newsletter as not to miss out).

Alongside 2010′s three main hair trend colours also come particular cuts and styles aimed at specific colours; the short black hair cut for 2010 is the perfect example.

But as for this year’s hair colour trends, they are:

Peroxide Blonde

Bordering on white blonde hair, peroxide blonde is the colour of choice for a striking look in 2010. Best of all, there are a number of ways to style it.

natural white blonde hair color
Natural looking peroxide blonde, styled with a long rope braid courtesy Stockholm StreetStyle

  • If you’re after an edgy look, choose a peroxide blonde colour that, while working with your skin complexion, is obviously died.
  • Peroxide blonde as an edgy, eye grabbing statement can be styled particularly well with the slicked and man / boy style hair styles for 2010 (described above). It also works best with short hair cuts, particular those with a longer fringe and shorter back as popularised by Kate Lanphear (see the inspiration gallery for pictures).
  • If you’re after something more natural, pick a light shade of blonde that plays perfectly to your skin tones. And then dye your eyebrows to the same shade.
  • Light blonde hair in 2010 will work best with longer hair. 2010 hair styles that will suit include plaited and braided, 1940s inspired hair, and 1970s inspired hair (see above for details).
  • Both interpretation of peroxide blonde hair colour are particular strong as a Spring / Summer 2010 hair colours.

For more looks and pictures, click to visit the 2010 hair inspiration gallery below.

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Golden Blonde

Peroxide blonde isn’t for everyone, but that shouldn’t rule out blonde as a hair colour altogether. Enter mid-tone blonde for 2010.

Natural in its tones, golden blonde is the best way to describe it. Unlike peroxide blonde, it doesn’t have the extreme white colouring nor should it be dyed to be obvious.

Golden blonde hair on Lily DonaldsonGolden blonde hair, Lily Donaldson

What it isn’t
The golden blonde hair colour or 2010 is not dirty blonde; in 2010 look for one predominant colour, though your roots could be mildly darker provided they are well blended and don’t give off the a “I’m too cheap to get my hair dyed” vibe. It’s also not strawberry blonde.

What it is
Popular. Particular amongst models. Look to the likes of models Natasha Poly and Iekeliene Stange for inspiration in our hair colour inspiration gallery below.

Other things to note for this shade of hair colour:

  • It’s a great all rounder, and will work for both the Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2010 and Spring / Summer 2010 seasons.
  • If you’re looking to add something really striking to the look, consider bleaching your eyebrows a lighter shade of blonde than golden (more on that below)

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Red hair

Red hair in 2010 Deserving of its own dedicated article, redheads are, in 2010, the new bombshells. Being a rare hair colour puts redheads into their own exclusive group; but that doesn’t mean you can’t join them. Seen throughout history as everything from fiery warriors to seductive maidens, red haired beauties have plenty of ongoing appeal in 2010. Read more on the redhead hair colour trend – who should try it, and how to style it.

Bleached eyebrows

bleached eyebrows Admittedly, this isn’t a true hair color trend for 2010, but eyebrows are, after all, a form of hair. While we’re not recommending bleached eyebrows for everyone, it will be a common look in photo shoots throughout 2010 and there is a growing prevalence of them on the streets. Great with all hair colors except an equal shade of blonde, bleached eyebrows can be achieved through professional bleaching or with foundation. All worth noting if you’re choosing a new hair colour for 2010. Read more on bleached eyebrows including tips on styling.

2010 haircuts for women

long bob haircut

Bob with fringe

The bob wasn’t gone for long; and now it’s back, reinterpreted and re-imagined, with model Abbey Lee Kershaw its driving force. From 2010 and forwards the bob is longer, softer, and more retro-inspired. Think ’60s back-combed with flicked out ends, or ’70s blow-waved with a soft rounded shape. The fringe also makes a reappearance as the perfect accompaniment to 2010′s new style of bob. Read more on the long bob haircut in 2010.

short black haircut

Short black hair cut

Not so much a hair colour trend as it is a pairing of black hair with a short hair cut, the short black haircut is one of the 2010 haircut trends that is somewhat universal. Able to be styled in looks from classic to neo-rocker and its ability to be cut in a plethora of different ways (with or without a fringe, as a bob or near-on pixie crop short) the short black haircut for 2010 will work most face shapes and skin colour. And that’s precisely why we’ve already seen it on everyone from Miranda Kerr to Kristen Stewart. Read more on the short black haircut for 2010.

long fringe

Pixie crop with longer fringe

In recent years hair trends have moved in three year cycles, and it’s no different in 2010. Hence we see yet another evolution of this short hair style which was every-so popular in 2007. Popularised by actress Carey Mulligan, the crop evolves in 2010 to have short sides and a longer fringe but by the year’s end will revert back to the shorter crop popular during 2007 and 2009. To find out more on the pixie crop follow the link.

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Shaved side hair cut / undercut

A brief note on the half-head shaved hair cut that we witnessed in 2009: it should remain in 2009.

Not that there isn’t an alternative. Nor do we no doubt that some people will be wearing it into 2010, but they’ll be doing so long after the hair cut has reached commonality. Having been been popularised in 2008, and since interpreted by everyone from Alice Dellal to Rihanna, the haircuts evolution is long overdue.

Rihanna hair style
Rihanna’s evolution of the half-head shaved haircut: an undercut come fauxhawk

If it has previously been a hair cut you’ve had, or been tempted to have, there are two clear options for you in 2010:

  • Shave or cut your hair to have a full undercut, as we saw on Rihanna in the latter part of 2009
  • Grow your hair back

The latter will have more longevity.

Those looking for hair in 2010 that can be worn with just as much attitude should look above to the slicked hairstyle.

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2010 hair accessories for women

Bunny ears

bunny ears Headbands take a quirky turn with this unique hair accessory micro-trend for Spring 2010. Bunny ears, Mickey Mouse ears, and oversized bows are all styles which fit this vintage-sex-kitten meets sugar sweet girl-next-door look. Perfect for all hair colours, you can click ‘bunny ears‘ to read more and to find out who is wearing it.

Bow headbands

bow headband Spring 2010 saw numerous types of oversized bows adorning heads on the runways, with Marc Jacobs and Luella leading the pack. In 2010 bows can be sugary-sweet or vintage cool – it’s all about the quality and luxury; and a little whimsy helps, too. Click ‘bow headbands‘ to read more and to find out who is wearing it.

Feather headbands

feather headband Feather headbands have been on the fashion trend radar for some time now, manifesting sometimes in the form of cute, girly fascinators and sometimes in a more bohemian sense. 2010 will see more feather headbands inspired by native American headdress, as well as those with a rustic feel. Great with a range of hair colours, you can click ‘feather headband‘ to read more.

As for next year…

hair trends

2011 hairstyles

The beginning of a new year doesn’t just mean new clothes for your wardrobe, it means updating your style, it means evolving it. And of equal importance to having the right clothes and accessories is keeping your hairstyle up to date.

To find out about all the 2011 hairstyles, follow the link.

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