The 1960s was a decade worth remembering. This dynamic time in history gave us The Beatles, Star Trek, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and too many other lingering cultural phenomena to name. Aside from those, the 1960s also changed the face of fashion. Vidal Sassoon made the bob a popular hairstyle for women, the bikini became the popular choice of swimwear, sideburns were a thing for men and Twiggy brought modelling to a different level. It’s truly safe to say that the 1960s was a decade of change that continues to inspire people today.

For fashion in 2013, the ’60s decade comes back to life in many different ways: there’s the revival of 1960s fashion as well as a love of ’60s hairstyles. But let’s not forget the 1960s when we look at spring 2013 makeup trends. From winged eyeliner to full lashes, this glamorous decade is a great source of inspiration for beauty looks, letting women stand out, be beautiful and have fun.

1960s makeup beauty trend

The updated 1960s makeup look.

Being the colorful decade it was, it’s only fitting that the 1960s have a wide array of make up looks to choose from; but for this year, it’s striking eyes that will turn you into that trendy vintage vixen.

There are many ways to create bold eyes but for this year’s 1960s trend one of the key elements is white eye pencil, a look that never fails to make a statement. Big wide eyes are also easily created with the use of eyeliner and false lashes.

Aside from standout Twiggy-esque eyes, nude skin and graphic pops of color that reflect the mod vibe are also elements of this trend.

1960s makeup tutorials

60s beauty tutorial

How to: mod white eyeshadow

This mod white eye shadow beauty look from Moschino is one that truly reflects the big beautiful eyes of the 60s. The combination of the white eye shadow and false eyelashes on the top and lower lash lines creates a stunning beauty look that will surely make heads turn. It is a beauty look that’s great for a fun night out whether you’re in a simple LBD or in an all-out mod ensemble. Follow the steps to create this mod white eyeshadow look.

how to: rag and bone's graphic retro eye makeup

How to: Rag and Bone's graphic retro eye makeup

Rag & Bone gave us this retro-inspired beauty look: simple and fresh with just a line of bold, graphic, liner. It's not only striking, but so easy to do. Read the graphic retro eye makeup tutorial at that link.

1960s beauty looks as seen on the runways.

Baby-doll beauty look.

Many designers looked to the 1960s as the source of inspiration for the beauty looks they used in their respective shows. One such look is this one from Jean Paul Gaultier. Simple yet stunning, this dark version of the ’60s look was inspired by icons like Jane Birkin. It features the use of false lashes making the eyes look big and wide.

Factory Girl.

Marc Jacobs on the other hand made use of the nude skin trend with his take on the 1960s, channeling style icon Edie Sedgwick. Strong eyebrows and a line of brown eye shadow on the crease brings attention to the eyes.

Toned-down Twiggy.

Going for a cuter look that very much reminds us of a modern-day Twiggy is Louis Vuitton. From the bushy eyebrows to the orange eye shadows to the full lashes, this beauty look is very 60s.

La Dolce Vita.

Alice+Olivia went with a ’60s white eyeliner make up look for their spring / summer 2013 show. To provide contrast and give off a bolder look, black eyeliner was used on the lash line and was winged on the sides.

Graphic mod makeup.

A minimal yet graphic mod look was seen on the models of the Michael Kors show. Clear flawless looking nude skin was given a splash of color through the use on turquoise eyeliner. This look is simple yet bold, and can work with any bright colour.

The 1960s is a decades that is fondly remembered by those who experienced it but just because you didn’t live through it doesn’t mean you can’t rock the vintage look. All it takes is a bit of confidence and some inspiration from the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O and Twiggy.

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