Autumn / Fall 2010 color trends

We’re not yet a quarter of the way into 2010 but, in the industry that is fashion, our eye is always firmly on the future. And in this case that means looking past even the forthcoming Spring 2010 season and looking to Autumn / Fall 2010 color trends. As they have done in the past, both Pantone and Lenzing have released their takes on the forthcoming color trends for Fall 2010. They see the Autumn / Fall 2010 season as a mix of colours for women that fuse practicality with a sense of travel and adventure.

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fall 2010 colors

Pantone Autumn / Fall 2010 color trends

For the associated colours refer to the colour palette above.

  1. Endive – Pantone 13-0632
  2. Golden Glow – Pantone 15-1050
  3. Living Coral – Pantone 16-1546
  4. Lipstick Red – Pantone 19-1764
  5. Purple Orchid – Pantone 18-3027
  6. Chocolate Truffle – Pantone 19-1526
  7. Lagoon – Pantone 16-5418
  8. Woodbine – Pantone 18-0538
  9. Oyster Gray – Pantone 14-1107
  10. Rose Dust – Pantone 1307

Lenzing Autumn / Fall 2010 color trends

Like so many other fashion trend reports of late, Lenzig’s hones in on the micro-trend of eco fashion and brings it to the fore:

Sustainable Future
The crucial need of co-existing between nature and urban landscapes is reflected in the color pallets and the stories from where they come: urban concrete and formal darks meet nature’s mid-tones and bright shades.

Eco-fashion, lo-fi, laboratory-grown fabrics, food fashion, fusing product and garment, beetroot-dying, victimless leather, bone ivory, up-cycling and all the other experiments concentrating on environment issues, are so important; some ideas will eventually end up as valid solutions to problems we fight with, some are indispensable because of the discussion they rise.

While we can’t fault the good-natured meaning, we can’t say we wholeheartedly agree that such issues will rise to the fore and play a major role in Fall / Winter 2010’s colors. Lenzig have, however, identified these key palettes:

  1. Puritan
  2. Reflection
  3. Rugged
  4. Exotic
  5. Identikit


fall 2010 colors trends

Think weightless, coated fabrics with subdued colours. This is a look all about luxury of the future: where luxury again means quality.

The colours for this trend from Lenzing are:

  • Pearl – Pantone 11-0609
  • Gesso – Pantone 13-0002
  • Tuxedo – Pantone 19-4010
  • Champagne – Pantone 13-0907
  • Venetian Red – Pantone 19-1762
  • Sable – Pantone 19-1718
  • Pecan – Pantone 17-1340
  • Seal – Pantone 18-1312


fall 2010 colors trends

Think fabrics with a sheen or, as Lenzing puts it, “special effects applied to fabrics in finishing, printing, laminating or whatever it takes to deceive the eye” or “exploiting interactive technology in clothing.”

The colours for this trend from Lenzing are:

  • Golden Bronze – Pantone 15-0927
  • Lavender – Pantone 17-3410
  • Purple Taupe – Pantone 18-1703
  • Sky – Pantone 14-4810
  • Prussian Blue – Pantone 19-4220
  • Lotus – Pantone 14-2710
  • Tea Rose – Pantone 14-1212
  • Canarino – Pantone 12-0738


fall 2010 colors trends

Every new fashion season sees collections that give us a sense of the rugged wilderness, but this is nature from a man-made aspect. One that explores “the relationship between the urban and the natural landscape.” The “materials [used] are natural or derivates from natural sources refined by using the best of industrial techniques.”

The colours for this trend from Lenzing are:

  • Palladin Blu – Pantone 11-4802
  • Burnished Brick – Pantone 18-1616
  • Midnight – Pantone 19-3926
  • Flax – Pantone 13-0932
  • Tenne – Pantone 16-1253
  • Dark Oak – Pantone 18-1033
  • Antique Pewter – Pantone 16-0726
  • Sandstone – Pantone 13-1007


fall 2010 colors trends

Loud colours with a hint of the early 20th Century sit within this exotic look. While using super rights, Lenzing make no reference to the metallics that will be prominent in the Autumn / Fall 2010 season.

The colours for this trend from Lenzing are:

  • Emerald – Pantone 16-5533
  • Deep Pink – Pantone 17-2033
  • Klien blu – Pantone 18-3949
  • Royal Purple – Pantone 18-3533
  • Saffron – Pantone 15-1054
  • Cerulean – Pantone 18-4245
  • Eggplant – Pantone 18-1405
  • Scarlet – Pantone 17-1656


fall 2010 colors trends

Lenzing have dubbed the look ‘indentikit’, we simply called it fashion futurism. While in our own trend report we’ve picked up on the wider elements of this trend (not just a modern futuristic view, by a remaking of past interpretations of the future) Lenzing have honed in on the technological influences stating that “materials are inspired from high technology building and military industry.”

The colours for this trend from Lenzing are:

  • Arsenic – Pantone 19-5212
  • Pietra – Pantone 19-1016
  • Deep Plum – Pantone 19-1627
  • Knysna – Pantone 19-0312
  • Mocca – Pantone 19-1116
  • Anthra – Pantone 19-3617
  • Gray Mist – Pantone 18-4005
  • Pirite – Pantone 14-5002
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