Looking to pick the right colours for your wardrobe in Spring-Summer 2009? If the predictions we’re seeing from both Pantone and TFL are anything to go by, expect a move away from metallic colours over to a much more earthy, subdued color palette. Indeed, such a colour palette is perfect for some of the 2009 fashion trends, such as the bohemian luxury Winter trend – but could they see the look transposed to the Summer season by way of the foho trend as well?

Chic Colour Trend

This colour palette presented as all the others presented by TFL has very nature inspired overtones, come across as incredibly Earthy and quite heavy on the brown leaving us with the feeling very much of old country simplicity.

Chic Colour Trend 2009

From TFL;

A harmonic and natural world, invaded by the warm and fascinating colours of plants. A strong reference to the volume of trees and to their unstable perfection. Abstract geometry mixing with perfect modular shapes. Basic colours conveying quiet and pureness, but taking us back to the `60s when combined with green and violet, with more cutting.

Classical Colour Trend

The classical palette is a lot more vivid and saturated colours, with colours that remind us of the resort with beach like blues and the distinctly sandy Hypen;

Classical Colour Trend 2009

From TFL;

A world deeply inspired by colours of the Mediterranean beaches, where the strong appeal of the sea combines with the period of figurative arts. Flaming and almost primary colours convey strength and energy, but drive us towards a measured chromatic indiscipline through creative and post-futuristic combinations, daring with creative couplings.

Casual Colour Trend

The casual colour palette stands alone leaving behind the country and nature with a heavy city shift, the concrete colours, glassy blues, unnatural pinks and yellow that reminds us of a street light.

Casual Colour Trend 2009

From TFL;

A robotic and static world, but warped at the same time. Colours of this range reflect the
cold light of pixels and deformed effects. Unusual combinations remind us of new forms of of mimetism. Iron grey cuts these colours and makes them matchable, while deep yellow inflames them of a dazzling light with psychedelic effects.

Source: TFL

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