With Spring behind us it’s time to look forwards to the coming cooler weather, the fashion it will bring, and the impact it will have on next year. Yes, Autumn / Fall 2010 fashion trends are on the horizon. With the new season comes a lot of new looks and, for those that aren’t new, new takes on established fashion trends.

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fall 2010 fashion trends

Women’s Autumn / Fall 2010 Clothing Trends

60s ladylike

60s ladylike

The silhouettes of the 1950s and 1960s make a strong return, with shapes that accentuate curves and foster femininity. The aesthetic is decidedly Mad Men, the look is versatile and fun. A hip-hugging sheath dress with a below-the-knee hem is the ultimate in hourglass dressing, while the full circle skirt and dress remain at the core of the trend. Click to read about the ’60s dress trend.

70s sophisticated

Sophisticated ’70s

By day it’s all about high waists, wide legs, soft blouses and ’70s accessories. By night, all that shimmers is gold. Flowing, draping dresses in high-shine fabrics or metallic hues are perfect for evening ’70s glamour. Be bold and don’t hold back, this look is about balancing softness with boldness. Click to read more about the sophisticated ’70s trend and how you can wear it.

winter military

Military fashion

We’ll forgive you if your first thought is “military, again?”. Yes, military remains a trend for Autumn / Fall 2010 but not as you’ve previously come to know it. Following on from Spring 2010 the women’s military trend, like the men’s (below), turns away from the pomp and ceremony of military inspired clothing we’ve become accustomed to, and takes its cues from 20th Century military uniforms. From army green to shearling lined boots, it’s now a trend that’s far more subtle but no less appealing. Read more about the women’s military fashion trend by clicking the link.

fall lingerie

Lingerie as outerwear

It’s not necessarily about wearing your smalls in the street in the cold of Winter, but wearing underwear as outerwear is never-the-less a trend for Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2010. A mixture of sexuality and femininity, the trend encompasses everything from exposed bras and stay ups right through to delicate laces. Given it’s for the colder months there’s also a strong undercurrent of layering lingerie inspired pieces into outerwear. Read up on the lingerie as outerwear trend by following the link.

autumn leather

Leather clothing

We’re in two minds about including leather clothing in a list of trends. Yes, it is on trend but it’s hard to categorise. You see, it works in with so many other trends and isn’t a style unto itself. You’ll wear it with military and you’ll buy hot pants made out of it. Nor is there anything new in wearing leather itself. But include it we must, you see the leather trend is extending into pretty much every other trend for the season. You name it, it’ll be an option for your wardrobe in the colder months. Leather shorts, leather dresses, leather leggings… and more. Click to read about the leather fashion trend.

buttoned up collar

Buttoned-up collars

Refined sophistication underlies this burgeoning trend; so store those sloppy boyfriend shirts and revealing open collars. Whether it’s a sheer blouse, a crisp business shirt, or an elegant shirt dress, the only way to wear it in 2010 and 2011 is to button it up. All the way up. Click to read about the buttoned-up shirt collar trend.

lace dresses and skirts

Lace clothing

No, it’s not new. But, like all trends that span multiple seasons, it has evolved. Lace influences for Spring 2010, carrying over into Fall, are more to the classic side with quality antique-style fabrics the key to the trend. Less of the allover, stretch lace and more of the unique takes. Click to read more about the lace dress trend.

winter 2010 cutaway

Cut out clothing

Normally a clothing style exclusive to Spring / Summer, the cut out / cutaway made a big impact on the Autumn / Fall catwalks. And it did so for more than clothing, but accessories as well. Seen in a variety of styles, with the cut out pieces worked directly on top of skin or ‘filled in’ with sheer fabrics, the cutaway detailing can be worked from the subtle to the sexy. Designed for the milder days, you can read up on the cut out clothing trend by following the link.

winter socks

Knee high socks

Given that thigh high boots are on trend (see below) and that they can’t be worn every day (unless you’ve amassed a big collection) there has to be an alternative with similar appeal. Hence for Autumn / Fall 2010 you’ll find yourself rummaging through your sock draw and donning a pair of knee high socks. Or over the knee socks. Or thigh high socks. From the sporty to the sparkly, to layerings of socks over tights; a great pair of socks can add that extra, and much needed, eye catching detail to an outfit. Click to read more about the knee high socks trend and how to wear it.

white tights

White tights

When the warm weather turns to Autumn, and Autumn turns to Winter, we often reach for our black tights as a legwear staple. How about trying white for a fresh, bright change? Whether you wear them vintage-style with a minidress and bold colours, or all light hues like a fairytale snow queen, there are various looks you can create. Click to read more about the white tights and leggings trend and how to wear it.

camel coat

Women’s camel coat

Despite having been popular on the catwalks, the camel coat didn’t make a strong appearance on the streets until late Winter 2010. We blame that fact on the fierce weather that blighted so many seasons. Better in Autumn and in late Winter (with Spring on the horizon), the camel coat is the alternative to the classic trench in 2010. See street style inspiration pictures by reading up on the women’s camel coat trend.

winter velvet

Velvet clothing

Velvet is loved by many, despised by some; but we think the Autumn / Fall 2010 revival of velvet presents some great new options for your wardrobe. How to wear it? We look at four major styles, from the grungette girl to the classically elegant starlet, the vintage-inspired whimsical coquette to the masculine-as-feminine velvet clad Dandy… Quality is key, colours are rich, and it can work for everything from pants to dresses, handbags to hats. Click to read more about the velvet trend and how to wear it.

neo double-breasted jackets

Neo double breasted jackets

The neo double breast takes simplicity to a new level; often just with two-buttons, architecturally cut to be striking and often straying from traditional fabrics. The neo double breast is a perfect trendlet for creating simple yet sophisticated impact in a jacket. Click to read about the neo double breast trendlet.

sheer fall 2010

Sheer clothing

Cut out and sheer? No, we haven’t got our seasons mixed up. Yes, sheer pieces are in for the cold months. Yes, we agree that sounds a little strange. But no, it doesn’t look strange. Anything but. Mixed with fine laces, the sheer trend in 2010 mixes elegance with sex appeal – and isn’t that the current, overarching theme to all fashion trends? Come this Autumn / Fall have the confidence to mix your sheer clothing with other trends and key looks (see the bottom of this article for more) and you’ll be onto a winner. Just be conscious of the fact that sheer pieces are revealing, and that means extra care. Read more on the sheer clothing trend by following that link.

winter cape


Having made a strong impression in Autumn / Fall 2009, capes return for this year’s colder months. Seen on the catwalks of Halston and Preen, amongst others, capes in their various forms will be amongst the most elegant of fashion trends. And yet it doesn’t have to be. Capable of being mixed up and styled in a plethora of ways, this is a style that will suit both high fashion and those days when you just want to throw something on. Click ‘capes and cloaks‘ to read more about the trend.

Women’s Autumn / Fall Shoe Trends

winter boots

Thigh high boots

Over-the-knee boots are the must-have footwear for Autumn / Fall 2010. Once considered only for the daring, those wearing this shoe trend will find the tops of their boots creeping up even higher with thigh-high boots also in the mainstream. From elegant suedes to futuristic wound-and-bound leathers, the options are many and various. Click to read about the thigh high boots and over the knee boots fashion trend.



Clunky wooden shoes. It doesn’t sound like the most glamorous or practical of footwear trends, and yet the clog has reached new heights in 2010. Heeled versions are by far the best, with a preference for Swedish styles. If full clogs aren’t quite welcome in your wardrobe for Fall 2010, experiment with variations like clogged sandals. Click to read about the clogs fashion trend.

kitten heels

Kitten heels

Kitten heels are making a somewhat controversial return, spurred on by the trend of ’50s and ’60s dressing. More comfortable yet less appealing than their higher counterparts, kitten heels can work particularly well when dainty, pointed, and either retro-inspired or minimalist. When it comes to the kitten heel in 2010 it’s all about the theming. Click to read about the kitten heels shoe trend.

shoes with socks

Socks under heels

It’s been a while since the humble ankle sock has really be worn (fashionably) under a pair of heels. For Fall 2010, fashionable they are. Whether it’s a high heeled sandal or a lace-up boot, or even a man-style flat shoe such as an oxford or brogue, a pair of socks can add colour and texture to your outfit. Click to read about the socks and shoes fashion trend.

fur boots trend

Fur boots & mukluks

Yes, we know mukluks can go hideously wrong. But don’t let that deter you. The options for fur, faux-fur and fur-lined boots in Fall 2010 go well beyond yeti-like furry feet and into a number of slicker and sexier looks. Think bed-haired bohemians in fur pelted shoes through to classic ski-bunny boots. Click to read about the fur boots fashion trend.

Women’s Autumn / Fall Handbag Trends

winter handbags

Handbag trends

The death of the ‘it’ bag has left us with two main options: classic and statement handbags. As far as trends go, any handbag should compliment the clothing trends of the season, but with a view to standing the test of time. For Fall we look to fur and fur-lined bags; leather satchels; the ladylike frame bag; and the small cross-body bag. Click to read about handbag trends for 2010/2011.

Men’s Autumn / Fall Fashion Trends

winter military fashion

Men’s military fashion

Military remains in fashion for both men and women in Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2010. But just as this trend has changed for women, so too has it evolved for men. And in exactly the same way. Taking more inspiration from early 20th Century military conflicts, the look takes in both army and air force motifs, with nautical trailing a distant third (that’s relegated more to a preppy trend). Read up on the men’s military clothing trend including details on key looks, pieces and compatible trends.

winter suits

2011 suit styles

Men’s suits, a trend? Admittedly they’ve never really been out of style, but there have been times where they haven’t been cool. But as young gents take to the streets wearing the suit stylings of their grandfathers, including everything from three piece suits to bow ties, it’s time to brush up on the styles and cuts of suits that are in for Fall 2010. Click to read more on modern men’s suits for autumn / fall 2010.

mad men

Sack suits

Men’s suits are no longer just about the skinny-boy cut, and while our men’s suit article (above) offers up advice a modern, slim shilouette there are different schools of thought on men’s suiting for Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2010. Largely led by Ralph Lauren, but also spotted amongst other collections is the sack suit. A relaxed cut with classic details, you can find out more by following the previous link.

velvet suits and jackets

Men’s velvet

It’s not so much a trend as a Fall 2010 essential; which, when done right, can inject the right amount of sex appeal into your wardrobe. If a full blazer or suit isn’t for you, there’s always the option of indulging in a subtle interpretation, like some velvet lapels. Quality and cut are key. Click to read more on men’s velvet for 2010 and how to wear it.

men's brooch

Men’s brooches

By now you should see the overall trend for menswear in Autumn / Fall 2010 emerging: refinement. And what way to embellish that refinement than with the right detailing, specifically men’s brooches. What’s best is just how versatile a men’s brooch can be as an accessory: wearable on everything from suits to jackets, the range of styles available means you can make them work with any look be it something dandy or something dark. Read more on men’s brooches, including a number of street style updates.

Other Autumn / Fall Fashion Trends

winter 2010 color

Autumn / Fall 2010 colour trends

At Fashionising.com we love to specialise in fashion and style trends, but when it comes to colour trends we depend on the experts in the colour fields. For Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2010 that means turning to the talent at both Pantone and Lenzing. For this year’s cold months they’re proffering up looks such as differing as ‘puritan’ and ‘exotic’, while suggesting we wear colours that include the likes of ‘lagoon’ and the delicious sounding ‘chocolate truffle’. Read about Fall 2010 colour trends by clicking the link.

Fall 2010 Clothing & Accessories Inspiration

2010 jewelry

Layered rings

When people quote of the excesses of youth it is perhaps this accessory trend they’re talking of. When it comes to Autumn / Fall 2010 wear rings. Lots of them. Embellish your rings with fingers like it’s nobody’s business. And don’t be afraid to let them creep up your wrists. And that is perhaps one of the ways to imagine it: as you’d wear an excessive amount of bracelets on a wrist, so should you wear rings on your fingers. Find out more on multiple rings and peruse the style inspiration pictures.

futuristic clothing

Futuristic clothing

Fashion is about looking forwards and in Autumn / Fall 2010 we’ll do just that. At times warrior inspired (read the trend report for more on that), the season’s take on futurism draws inspiration from architecture: it’s all about minimalist cuts and juxtaposed materials. But surprisingly it’s not always about futuristic prints and fabrics, though you will find many a man made fibre amongst the looks. Click to read and see more futuristic fashion.

aviation fashion

Classic aviation

If you’ve perused the season’s trends for women above, the fact that we’ve included history’s aviators as style inspiration for Autumn / Fall 2010 should come as no surprise. While army inspired military clothing will largely define the military trend in Spring 2010, as we head to the cooler months the classic, pre-1950’s aviation style will come into play. Imagine the style of Amelia Earhart all leather and shearling with slim, sometimes gender neutral, cuts and you’ve got it. Click to read and see style inspiration for an aviators’ look.

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