Dolce and Gabanna led Milan’s men’s fashion week with the reinvention of the space aged suit. Abrasive golds and sharp silvers were the common feature colours which presented themselves throughout the show.

There was no dispute about the entertainment value of the designs with jaw dropping creations stunning audiences, however were the designs impractical and if so, why dress models in clothing that the normal man cant wear? Melbourne-based radio station 3AW argued this point by dressing a man in space aged attire, parading him around Melbourne and asking onlookers whether they would wear the bold designs.

But of course, they’re missing the point. Would anyone actually wear large angelic wings with their lingerie as do the models from Victoria’s Secret (excluding potential bedroom trysts here of course)? Would Linda Evangelista actually walk around with a mirror strapped to her face? Haute couture is daring and creative for a reason. After all, would anyone go to watch a catwalk that had a realistic depiction of the next seasons designs; standard sizes, bland colours and no props? I think not. Fashion from the catwalk never makes it the same way onto the street, but it does provoke change and inspires new trends.

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