The boyfriend shirt is a wonderful thing. It gives the impression of having just woken up in the morning, throwing on your boy’s white shirt and looking sexier than ever, because it’s just so darn simple and effortless.

There are a few different ways to pull off this look, Alessandra Ambrosio demonstrates one of them above, while Keira Knightley rocks another in the photo below.

Keira Knightley and Rupert FriendA ‘boyfriend’ shirt should be long enough to be worn as a dress, with bare legs or tights (that’s what makes it so sexy after all). Try to find a shirt that’s big enough to be long, but that still fits reasonably well around the shoulders. If your shirt is long but fitted, like Alessandra’s, it can be crisper, while a more oversized shirt will sit better if in a lighter fabric.

With the looser, lighter fabric shirt, it’s often best to roll up the sleeves. The hands and wrists are quite a feminine body-part and therefore balance out the masculinity of the oversized shirt. For the crisp, tight shirt the sleeves can be worn down as normal.

Again with Alessandra’s crisper, tighter shirt you have the option of unbuttoning it low and showing off some cleavage. This look is of course more “obvious” if you like, while the just-threw-it-on loose shirt is sexy for it’s effortlessness.

When accessorising, don’t forget that a belt can completely change the look – from a tightly belted in waist to casually low-slung. For some other ideas, try layers of bangles, a vintage neck-scarf, or men’s pocket handkerchief. Oh, and no fancy hair-do’s please! Some tousled bed-hair or a simple pony-tail will set off this look best.

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