Katie Holmes short pixie crop hair styleTaking her hair style one step shorter, Katie Holmes has shortened her bob to a new pixie crop.

The crop is a tough one – it comes up a hair trend every once in a while, but not everyone can pull it off. If you ever even considered chopping off all your locks, now is definitely the time – the crop is high on the list of 2008’s hair trends as well as 2009’s hair trends.

If Katie Holmes’ hairstyle shows us anything, it’s how much of a difference styling can make to the crop. In 2008, it’s best with a bit of length that can be messed up and tousled a bit – in the guise of effortless, boyish bed-hair. You only need to look at the following photos to see how much less effective the crop is when unstyled.

Katie Holmes cropped hair style

Oops. From sexy youthfulness, back to play-it-safe Mum. I hope Katie decides to mix it up a bit.

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