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So many of the year’s trends are about a revival of fashion from the 70s, and it’s no different for 2011 hairstyles. Of course, the pixie crop isn’t a new hairstyle for the year: Fashionising.com has been writing about its popularity and evolution since 2007. And in 2011 the pixie crop will do just that, evolve. Or at least, revert. Spurred on by celebrities and trend influencers, such as Emma Waston, the pixie crop returns in 2011 to be a short crop – putting it in contrast to the longer interpretation of the hairstyle that was popular in 2010.

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emma watson pixie crop

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Cropped hair inspiration
Cropped hair inspiration
Cropped hair inspiration

Pixie crop haircut in 2011

The picture of Emma Watson’s pixie crop above visually summarises much about this trend for 2011. It’s about short sides and an ever-so-slightly longer top and fringe, with the top and the sides blending perfectly. In essence, that makes the current pixie crop a comeback of the 1960s version of the haircut, then popularised by the likes of Mia Farrow.

mia farrow short hair

As it always has been, the pixie crop remains a haircut for those with straight hair, though it is a cut that is open to those with either thin or thick hair.

Evolving towards 2012

pixe crop 1970sAs for how the hairstyle will evolve across the year and, potentially, into 2012, 2011’s fashion trends are largely influenced by a 1970s fashion revival. With that in mind is not unreasonable to assume that the pixie crop will evolve across the year to adopt more trademarks of the cut from that era. Thus you’d expect to see more of an even cut all over, with longer sides than what we’ve seen to date.

If the 70s revival stays strong then there’d be one further evolution: the pixie crop would eventually make way for a pageboy, just as it did the first time around.

Both of these 1970s evolutions of the pixie crop haircut are pictured to the right, in an original hair style guide from the era.

Styling the pixie crop

Largely influenced by the 1960s, you’ll find celebrity and street style inspiration for the haircut below. Perusing through the links you’ll see that, particularly in the case of Emma Watson, that while the pixie crop is now cut the same way as it was in 1960s, it needn’t be styled that way.

Pixie crop with long fringe

Hair trends have recently moved in three year cycles, and it’s been no different for the pixie crop. Hence we now see the pixie crop return to being a very short hairstyle (as it was back in 2007), though in 2010 the pixie crop was a haircut with a longer fringe. Of course, just because a longer cut of the pixie crop was popular in 2010 doesn’t meant it has to stay there: though not precisely on-trend it remains a perfect take on the haircut for those not willing to go to the very-short extremes, and also those without perfectly straight hair.

carey mulligan hair
A pixie crop with brow length fringe on Carey Mulligan

If you are looking for a longer cut to a pixie crop then we recommend you look to actress Carey Mulligan for inspiration (more pictures at the bottom of this page) and wear it with a brow length fringe swept to the side and held in place by a pomade.

Pixie crop hairstyle circa 2007

And, finally, some inspiration from the last time the pixie crop was on-trend.

Michelle Williams was one star who took the daring move from long hair to pixie crop. This drastic short style worked to give her a very innocent appeal, though with more of a boyish take on the haircut. Another celebrity who sported the cut was Natalie Portman, whose fringe often wasn’t pushed forwards.

natalie portman short hair
Short cropped hairstyle on Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman

Haircut inspiration

If you’re looking for more inspiration for the pixie crop haircut then click on the thumbnails below. However, if you’re still unsure about which haircut you’d like to make your own in the new year, be sure to peruse our 2011 hairstyles guide.

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